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Insecurity = clingy?

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Just wondering if anyone has experience with this type of situation.

Ginger has been home with us since late September. Since that time, Ophelia has made it very, VERY clear that she doesn't like Ginger. There hasn't been any real fights or anything, but Ophelia still hisses and growls when Ginger gets too close to her (which could mean being in the same room ).

Ophelia also decided for months that she was going to live downstairs. That has recently changed, and Ophelia has made upstairs (bedroom and computer room, where we spend most of our time) her home base, and is becoming increasingly more willing to move between the two floors at her leisure.

Ginger has also made big progress with Ophelia, in that she isn't responding to Ophelia and antigonizing her (much). She seems to understand that if she just doesn't respond that Ophelia will just go away.

So there has been significant progress in our home lately, especially on Ophelia's part.

The other change in behavior is that Ginger has become VERY clingy with me (Earl calls me whipped ) She wants to be on my shoulders as a kitty scarf all the time that I'm upright. Most of the time that's really not a problem, but brushing hair and teeth with her there is difficult at best.

I don't know if she's just going through a phase of insecurity or if she's just decided that I'm her personal cat tree.
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Yup. Sounds to me like you are her PCT.

Glad to hear there is a little less strife in the household.
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I have one that does something similar but so far she just does this while I'm asleep. She will try anything to sleep on my chest, my face, my neck, practically anywhere on my upper body. I am thinking she is probably seeking for warmth but being in California, it doesn't get cold that often and when it does, the heater is always on. Oh, she loves to go under my blanket too with her head sticking out.

I guess she made you her personal cat tree.
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u r her PCT, dont worry u r not alone I am one as well !!! bella is sort of clingy to me, im not sure if its cause I rescued her off the streets or what but she is mamas big love bug, She follows me every most of the time, and well she is always trying to be on my chest while I am sitting and always trying to be around me neck and shoulders o and at night she climbs in bed with me and i have to have my one arm out so she can rest her head and paws on it, and she is of course right next to my chest it sux when its warm in the house ill be dyeing from heat from her but i am now accustomed to her sleeping with me like that, i swear each day she gets more clingy to me But she is the only one out of all the kitties thats so loveable ! But the more cuddely she is the more "jelous" i think she is when one of the other kitties are on the bed, she used to mother them and play with them and now she bullys them I guess imma have to start a thread about that!

But I am glad that there isnt that much stress in ur house anymore
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
I don't know if she's just going through a phase of insecurity or if she's just decided that I'm her personal cat tree.
Ginger is such a doll! The psychologist in my thinks that maybe Ginger is clinging to you so much because she is being rejected by the other female in the house. Just a guess!
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Sounds like you are her personal cat tree. I wish Tavia would get a little more clingy. Your Ginger and all your cats for that matter are soo lovely I am glad they are starting to work their differences out. And I would simply enjoy the added bonus of more cuddles.
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