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*CUTENESS WARNING* Open at your own risk!!!

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OK Here are the most recent pics of our delicious babies, taken today!!

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OMG, thanks for the warning...they are precious
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a few more!!

Do u think the little black one has a bit of a crazed look in his eyes!!!!!!
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OMG he does
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I have gone and fainted from the impossible cuteness!!! That little tabby is the cutest little thing EVER!!! I love kitten ears!!! ya know, the little tiny floppy ones and you're right that black one has a bit of a wild look, I'd sleep with one open around him
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awww how presicus , i always find taking a picture of a black cat a night mare , it goes all fuzy or you can never get there eyes to show nice. but there lovely.
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i knew i wasnt imagining it!! He is adorable though and a real character. If you lay on the floor when they are walking about he comes straight over and tangles himself in your hair. He also lays on his back so that you can rub his tummy. I love them both sooo much!! I really wanted to keep the tabby she was promised to my boss when she was born, but as the weeks are going on shes getting more beautiful. She gonna have long fur to i think, shes a lot fluffier than her brother. i really want to keep her!!!!!
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aww , i know its so hard isnt it ? our black female is getting to be such a doll , i just love her , but the tabby he is juts so soft a cuddley even if he is a screamer lol
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i know, i never realised i'd feel like this about these 2 balls of fluff. I wish now i hadnt been so hasty in finding them homes. I know its the sensible thing to do and all that but i want to watch them grow up and i am just soo in love with them. Its madness!!
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Thanks for the warning - but I looked anyway! They are absolutley gorgeous and hugable! I wouldn't want to give either one of then away!
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OMG, I want them ALL!!!!
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They are so precious!
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oh my arent those cuties getting bigger I love there little noses, so sweet bless, bless, bless
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awwww they are just adorable!

I just love the little black kitty.
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I want all of them!!
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OMG !!!!!!!!!!! they are just so cute
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Awww lovely little babies
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Darling little angels!!

You just can't beat tiny little kitty noses and ears!!!
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AWWWW!!!! Adorable.
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