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Quill is in the movies!

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Well, actually I just used my digi video, but here he is being um .... contemplative He was just sitting on the coffee table being handsome and I couldn't help it.

His still shot:

I'm Too Sexay For My Eartufts, tooo sexay . . . .

Shaking the hands of his most devoted fans:

And his smushed Mr. Mousie:

After a heavy Catnip session:

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He is so gorgeous and manly looking
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I could just snuggle him right up! What a pretty boy he is!
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He is quite the charmer! I'll pass the comments onto him
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What a handsome big beastie boy he is! I want to cuddle up with him too.
I watched the clip - he didn't seem too impressed!
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Wow, this is very strange! You are making a movie about Quill the cat, and I had just finished reading this story about another Canadian movie about Quill the dog!
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He really is a star

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awe quill is just sooo GORGEOUS
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aww what a cutie- fluffy-kins he is so refined & regal, bet he could be in any movie
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what a handsome man he is!!
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He's so handsome!
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Aww that pic of you and Quill is sooo cute
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Quill is such a star. He is quite stunning..
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