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Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance?

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So in light of all this BS going on with wet food, I went to Petco this afternoon to see if I could find something that would be a suitable replacement for ProPlan (which has the wheat gluten in it).

The only thing I could find sans WG is this Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance...The first couple of ingredients are Chicken, Poultry Liver, Chicken broth, carrots, eggs, and then wheat gluten or grains meantioned.....

Does anyone know anything about this brand? Is it a decent brand, or should I go to the vet tomorrow for some rx food?
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NB is a good food. I was very impressed with their Venison & Green Pea allergy formula for my cat with allergies.
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It's a very good food I feed it to my boys, I have only heard good things about it
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NB is very good just that it was too rich for one of my cat so I had to go on something else. Petfood Express, one of the largest pet food chain in California, has discontinued selling all wet food except Canidae, Chick Soup, Natural Balance and Castor & Pollux.
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Great! I hadn't seen it meantioned as a good substitute for the recalled products....Now I need to find a WG free dry food!
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Odo gets a couple different varieties of Natural Balance (the turkey, chicken, and venison types) as the others are too fishy for his stomach. He also gets some Innova, EVO, a little Merrick, and occasionally some Evangers.
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it's great luxor's on it with no allergen side effects!
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Big fan of NB over here. My crew of 12 love it...the "ultra" formula & "indoor" formula seem to be the favorites...and the gobble-up the NB dry too. It is a bit pricey but in lieu of what is going on...a few extra dimes don't really matter.
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It's an excellent food.
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Yeah they werent the greatest fans of the can I opened this morning...They aren't really patte cats, but I CERTAINLY have no problem spending extra $$ on food for their safety and health.
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Sadie has been on Natural Balance for 1 year and it's been a fantastic food so far.
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The cats back home are on the NB allergy formula, for a kitty with a sensitive stomach, and my two guys are on the ultra formula.
They really like it, their coats are shiny and soft and it doesn't have a lot of those scary carbs in it (yeah, I checked the back of my bag yesterday...just potatoes from what I could see). We got turned onto the brand because it was one of the only ones with wet with protien low enough for our since passed on CRF cat. It's been a good product for 2 generations of kitties now (this is the first one that has been getting the dry).
I think I'm going to pick up some wet when I go to get a new bag of dry myself...been feeding authority, and while my cats only eat pate (so I'm safe), I'm going to err on the side of caution till things sort out a bit.
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Yes, it's excellent. I switched to the venison and green peas a few weeks ago, and my cat loves both the wet and dry. I wish it were less expensive, but it does seem like the best stuff.
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Hmmm See I don't see it as being that expensive..... $1.09 per 6 oz can. I was paying $0.75 a can for 3 oz ProPlan. Kits weren't too fond of it this morning, although the little one who turns her nose up to everything liked it.

Thanks for the advice.
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$1.15 a can is the cheapest I can find it here, compared with $0.79 to $0.85 per can for Nutro.
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My guys like the NB Venison/Green Pea canned. We haven't tried the others yet. I found it in one place here for .99...but yeah, it's $1.09 @ the big chains. But they do sneak that extra 1/2 oz in their 6oz cans, not 5.5oz like most other brands. :indif: Every little bit helps, especially for decent food.
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I've been feeding Cosmo NB for a long time (dry only) and he loves it... seems like a great quality food.
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I feed both my cats NB wet. My male will eat the tuna flavor only, but my female will eat a variety.
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All my kitties like Natural Balance. The price here is $1.09 at Pets Discount, the local chain store, to $1.49 at the small stores. It's been a bit hard to find the last few weeks. I'll be going out today or tomorrow hunting for it.
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Bought some of the venison & pea today, was the only variety of NB store had. Will let my cats try it. Store owner ordered some samples of other NB to let me try.
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Ok, this isn't my first post, but I forgot my account info... only dropped by because of the whole food scare thing and saw this thread.

I feed my cat Natural Balance Ultra Premium Dry. He's almost three years old now and super healthy. Natural Balance is a great company... from their website,

"We do not conduct laboratory testing on animals, whatsoever. All of our feeding trials are conducted in the animal's own environment, in conjunction with veterinarians, kennels, breeders and pet owners, to ensure that all Natural Balance® products are extremely palatable, nutritious and the best possible formulation for the health of your pet."

Also, and most important for me, many of the animals in the feeding trials belong to the employees! (used to say this on the packaging actually) What does that say about the quality of the food?

Anyway, I have also fed him and another cat I used to have some other brands such as Nutro Natural Choice, which they actually seemed to like better(and digest better). But, Natural Balance has a superb ingredient list. I was surprised to see Nutro on that list of contaminated food. I didn't realize one company made all those brands. Very interesting.

But yeah, another thumbs up for Natural Balance.
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