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monthly friend ¬_¬

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ow I'm in pain once more with the lil monthly bugger :]
anyone got any advice?
I wanna go out later but I need to get rid of this tummy ache before
sometimes I think men are vair lucky
any advice will be muchly appreciated x :]
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A good painkiller
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I will have a go >:]
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Sometimes laying down with a heating pad on my stomach helps for me. With lots of Ibuprophen of course.

Good luck. And yes, men do have it easy!
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I have endometriosis, it's very painful my doc recommends 2 aleve every 4 hours when the pain is bad. And the heating pad always helps too
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thankyou for your suggestions, whats a heating pad? :P
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Similar to a hot water bottle
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If you can find the "therma-care" things at a drug store they work great. I usualy take ibuprofen at the very 1st feeling of cramps to ward them off.
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Apply hot water bottles to your lower abdomen and lower back.

Take 400mg of Ibuprofen (same thing as what is in Advil) every 4 hours.
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My ob/gyn said to take two maximum strength tylenol plus two aleeve as directed. I also like those heated adhesive bandages that you stick on your panties- they are pricey, but nice when you can't walk around all day with a heating pad attached.
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Drink lots of hot tea to warm the inside. Next month take a lot of vitamin b complex the week before.
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As a preventative measure, get a lot of exercise. Your body just seems to take it better when you are in good shape.
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Midol works wonders for me.
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I agree with heating pad. Hope it's over quickly.
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