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Hairball remedy?

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In the wee hours of the night, I heard one of my three cats vomiting. Call me lazy, but I didn't want to get out of bed quite that early to investigate which cat or where exactly it was at. This morning when I got out of bed, I found several little spots all over my room of kitty puke. Yuck! Anyway, when I was cleaning it up I noticed that it was mainly cat food, but had some hair in it too. So I am figuring that "someones" got hairballs. But...I don't exactly know what to give them. I went to our local Wal-Mart (I live in a town of 4000..so there isn't many places to shop here) and found Hartz Hairball Remedy in salmon flavor. I bought it, but am reluctant to give it to them because I've heard that Hartz products are not very safe for cats. I also bought some Pounce Hairball remedy treats too. One of the ladies I work with said her son gives the treats to his cats and it really helps the vomiting problem. I just wanted see if anyone has used these products and if they are safe.
Thank you in advance!
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Honestly, I don't like Hartz company and I don't purchase any products from them only because I don't want to give them any of my money after their flea drops incident. Although I have never heard anything bad about their hairball treatment gel so I cannot say whether it's a good product. As long as it's a petroleum based product it should do the job.

As far as Pounce goes I've never used them nor have I heard anything about how well they work but I'm sure it won't hurt to give them a try. I'm not sure if your veterinarian carries it or not but there's a brand of food out there called IVD and they make a hairball treat product that we gave out as free samples to clients who had cats that were prone to getting hairballs. We got rave reviews from them on how well the treats worked and we give them to our clinic cat, Kittymitts.

If you find that the hairballs are becoming more of a problem and if your cats don't mind try brushing them more and hopefully that will cut back on the hairballs.
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Most of my kids are~Persians
So I give a weekly little dab of vaseline ON TOP of the paw. They lick instantly! I have not suffered with hairball issues for along time. Just food for thought.

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I also boycott Hartz. I won't buy their toys or even so much as a comb from them. A few weeks ago I had to take one of my cats in for constant, and I do mean constant vomiting. This is never a good sign. The vet found that Chip was constipated from hairballs...hence the vomiting. My vet gave me a tube of Cat-Lax. It's a malt type of sticky substance just for hairballs. I give Chip about half an inch strip once a week and he's been just fine ever since. You can get it at any vet and pet supply store, or a different brand that will do you just as well.
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We used the cat-lax here too - seemed to do the trick!
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I guess I missed the boycott on Hartz. I have a tube of the salmon flavored Hairball Remedy and another flavor. I haven't had to use it in quite a while since I started growing Oat Grass in containers in the windows and letting them eat it whenever they want. I also try to groom them more often, but my little Mony doesn't like to be groomed unless she initiates it. Oreo on the other hand will sit/lay with me for hours (no kidding here, 2 hours one time) and let me do his grooming.
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