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Help please, Kittens died , queen care.

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****warning, very tragic story*****

This is a very tragic story, some of you may find it hard to deal with. I myself am devistated.
We took the care of a queen who was known to us, but was pregnant. Owners dumped responsibility of the queen when she got pregnant. However queen was already comming to my house for a while and so had adopted us as a second home. Up to this poitn we thought she was spayed as was vaccinated by her owners and well looked after.
The queen had her kittens 2 weeks ago, i helped her deliver. I spent all my time looking after both queen and her 3 kittens.

I had to go in to hostpital last weekend, So the care of the queen and my disabled daughter was taken over by my husband.

No problems all was well, queen and kittens where thriving. Kittens had met all the right milestones , eyes where open all 3 where healthy and plump. The queen was a very, very good mother. Hardly left them, produced loads of milk, kept them warm. I was even placing heat pads in for the kittens and checking them all the time.

On saturday i received a call from a distraught husband, my disabled daughter (she is 5 but has the mentall age of a 15 months old). Had managed to escape out of her bedroom in the early hours of the morning (somethign she had never done). She entered the bathroom where the kittens and queen where nesting in a large open , low cupboard.

My daughter has an infatuation with water, and ran the sink till it was overflowing. Then she snatched the kittens off the queen while she was nursing, and put them in the water.

Husband was awoken to the sound of gushing water. that had come throught the cealing. Ran to the bathroom to find the 3 kittens drown in the sink.

As you can imagine this is very , very hard to deal with.

Everythign was tried to revive the kittens (who where onyl 2 weeks old). But they where gone.

The queen saw the whole horror unfold.

Husband drained the sink, and placed the dead kittens on a towl but still up high in the sink away from the queen.
When he returned miniuts later. The queen had removed her dead kittens and hid them in a draw, and was tryign to get them to suckle.

Husband gently removed the kittens from the queen and nuried them in the garden.

The queen keeps callign for the kittens, is full of milk, and is just confused.

The only consulation is that the queen and i had a good bond, and she still trusts me, and is comign to me for comfort.
I am trying my best, to hold it together its very hard.
Even though i was not even here when it happened i feel to blame so badly.

We had always been very carefull never to allow access to the kittens from my daughter. We had tried so very hard to give these kittens a chance. We had even named them and had planned to keep all 3, getting them nutered and vaccinated.

Where do we go from here, queen is booked in to be spayed once her milk dries up (vets wont touch her before hand)

But she is very full of milk today, and i am concerned that she may be come ill from this.
She is bright and alert, washing loads and still eating and toileting.

However the heartbreaker is i sat with her whiel she gave birth, i was there with her the whoel way, she trusted me with the kittens, letting me weight them, check them, handle them ligthly.

Now she keeps comign to me crying, obviosuly thinkign i have the kittens somewhere. (i only wish that was true).

How long will it take the queen to get over the loss?
I understand instinct is makign her search for her babies, that as a good mother this is somethign ingrained in her.

How the hell can you tell a cat her young have died?

She did she the bodies, but still tired to nurse them . Should i have left her with the young for her to realise they where dead?

Obviously they where in a pretty bad way after the accident, and it was just very ipsetting.

Please, please if anyoen has any help. advice on hwo to deal with this....

I knwo this is horrible, and some of you may choose not to reply due to the fact that you may feel i am a murderer, that this is my fault. I had a duty of care. I understand this..
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i am so sorry for your loss , and no we would never think that way of you. the only thing i can suggest is she will come around , my lilly went around for days looking for her kitten ( he died at 4 days old) it was very upsetting as i had to hand feed him from the start as he was very week to suck from his mum , but she did everything else for him. her milk will dry up in about a weeks time. if her mammary glands get very hard , fell hot to the touch and looking red then she will need to see a vet , as she can get mastitis. and just love her , you both will come through this hard time . if you need anything just Pm me or wirte it here , this is a great site and all the people here are great and welcoming.
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Your post brought tears to my eyes - it is so sad for everyone involved. But it was not your fault - we all have bad things happen when we feel that in some way we are responsible. I still feel guilty over hte death of my beloved cat Napoleon last October. He died of poison only a couple of months after we moved house, and I felt that somehow I should have prevented it. So don't beat yourself up over this. Your queen will grieve - Napoleon's brother Wellington grieved for him, but she will recover and she will still love and trust you. As said, just watch her for any symptoms of mastitis. And give her plenty of fluids. Good luck and welcome to TCS, though in such sad circumstances.
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This post brought tears to my eyes. I am so so sorry for your loss, but PLEASE don't blame yourself it was just a tragic accident. Your girl will come round in time and like it has already been said just be there for her and give her lots of love and fuss. Once again i am so very sorry
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Can you perhaps offer her up as a temporary "foster" mom to some needy kittens through a local shelter? It will help her and the kittens who need to suckle.

I'm so sorry that you and your family had to go through this - it isn't your fault, and your daughter didn't know what she was doing, she was just playing. How hard this must be for you.
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oh my gosh, I am so sorry! please don't feel guilty, it was an accident and as hard as we may try to prevent them they do happen. I second Gingersmom's suggestion, ring up your local humane society or shelter and see if they have any orphaned kittens, your mama may accept them and feed them like her own. Lots of to you during this difficult time
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How horribly tragic!! I am so sorry for your loss. This must be absolutely heartbreaking for you on so many levels. *hugs*

Gingersmom has given you an excellent suggestion. If there are any rescue or shelter organizations in your area, it may be that they have abandoned kittens who need a surrogate mom cat to care for them. You should contact them to see if you can be of assistance. However, that now being said, since this tragedy was caused by your daughter (and again, I am so sorry - I know you are beside yourself about it), you may have to relinquish custody of the queen to an experienced foster home instead of taking in the kittens to your home. I am certain you can understand the reasons why they may be skeptical of placing any kittens there with you.

If this is not an option, my only suggestion to you is to give the queen time and lots of love. Her milk will dry up soon if she isn't actively nursing and it will be safe to go ahead and spay her. It is heartbreaking to see a queen looking for her kits, but with time and gentle, loving patience, it does pass.

Again, I am so sorry your family had to go through this. My thoughts are with you.
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