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i don´t know if this will work...but here goes....
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It did not work.
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If you want to share some pictures with us, you might try this: Copy the individual URLs of the pictures, then when you paste them here, enclose the URLs with image brackets. Just click the IMG button on the left side of the screen where replys are typed. Click ok after you paste the URLs in the space provided.

And don't worry, many of us here have problems posting pictures the first time we try.
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i can´t do this i need help, what is img?? i´m new at this, i have the pics in an e-mail that was sent to me and want to paste the pics here, some help would be much appreciated..
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Save those attachments to your hard drive and then post your reply here and attach them by putting in the correct path to your pics. Use the browse function to do that. Looking forward to seeing them soon.
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Look through the "Your Computer Questions...Answered" thread. It was just brought back up, or you can find it in the "Our super duper important threads." Probably about half that thread is about posting pictures here. Don't feel bad about not having success. It is a nemesis of many.
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They're not working.
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You could try right clicking on the picture and go to "save as" on the pop up. this will allow you to bring it out of your email and put it where ever you like on your computer. copy and paste the location into the browser section under the text box where you post to us. This should send us a picture! Don't give up! It took me years of frustration before I got the hang of it!
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I sent you a PM with my e-mail address. If you can e-mail the pictures to me I will post them for you. Do you know how to get into your PMs?
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Lorie............help This is not easy, e-mail me, then i will mail u the pics, I insert the URL in the IMG and nothing, i tryed the copy and paste, nothing...i´ve tryed it all....wahhhhhhhhh i hate this, makes u feel so stupit....i´ll get it....just put up with me for a while..
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Hi Lulu
Lorie PM'd me that you were having problems. I shortened this posting for you so it is easier to get through, (in case you are wondering where all your attempts to post pictures went)

First of all you have to have your photos saved on the Internet. Go to Google and do a search for Picture Trails. This is a FREE place where you can store your photographs and make albums to share.

You can also go to PhotoIsland, or PhotoPoint, but I believe those cost to join.

Let us know when you have set up an album and we will all help you get the photos here to share them.
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Go to PhotoAccess.com I think that's what it's called it's free and unlimited! Good Luck
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U guys are all totally awesome I really appreciate u trying to help me out, well i got some pics on the photoaccess.com, i posted the URL above, but i don´t think it worked, i´m gonna try to copy and paste....here goes....
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All you have to do is send us that address. I am using Photo Access as a place for people to go to see my kittens for sale. It's linked to my web site! http://www.DragonPassCats.com Hope to see the furbaby soon!
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I always click the wrong button! This is for the post FURBABY! Sorry!!!
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No worries, Dragon! I put your posts in the furbaby thread.
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