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So you think our critters can sense our pain?

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I know I do..tonight just proved it. Having a horrible bout of tooth pain and steve bless his heart was working on getting me feeling better heating up my boo boo buster for me. and trying to find a pain killer that would help. while rubbing my back and in general trying to get me to relax..

Inbetween his being in the bed with me, Jade our tortitude rescue girl would come up snuggle right up close as she could and purr and purr and name it,

well shes sleeping at the foot of my feet now. And guess whos saddled up to me purring new boy of my life hes turning out to be. and i also have about 6 other kitties surronding the bed on the floor...
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I really think that they can sense when we don't feel good, and I think that they try to do their best to make us feel better.
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Well, I know alot of cat people (most actually) think cats can sense our pain...BUT I have never experienced this with Trout at all. She couldn't care less if I am upset or injured
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I absolutely believe this, with Bella anyway..not sure about these other ingrates that live here Whenever I had a kidney stone Bella laid on whatever side it was on...I get a lot of earaches and she always laid by my head...I won't go on, but there is more...What will I do now
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aww welli am glad its not just me. I still feel like pukey, and i now have..Jade and Benny on the bed, and a few kitties around it. Supposed to go into work today..cant even walk straight cause of the medicine i got, lol
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I agree they can sense all sorts of things, all my cats hate it if I cry and come for snuggles
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Absolutely. My aunt died about a week and a half ago. We all went down and stayed with my uncle during the time of mourning....we were all a wreck. My uncle's mini schnauzer, Spike, could definitely sense it. Not only did he seem very sad (he lost a person, too), but he was more subdued than usual, sensing that we needed him to comfort us as much as he needed us to comfort him. Animal intuition is incredible.
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Luna does. If I'm feeling ill or upset, she'll usually come and cuddle with me.

While she normally does cuddle with me, usually she'll go to great lengths, like if one of the other cats happen to be on the other side of me, or she'll ignore the other cats.
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Oh yeah. My wife was very upset a few weeks ago because she had taken a long test at home for her license recertification points that she needs every 3 years, and the answers got lost in the mail and we couldn't find the copy she kept here. When she was telling me, she was in the kitchen in front of the kitchen table and Reeses was sitting behind her. Obviously she was completely distraught, sobbing, and Reeses started putting her paw on her shoulder and doing flips, meowing and trying to act all cute to cheer her up.
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Daughter's kitty, Sparkle, licked her ear when she had an ear infection, and licks her forehead when she has a headache.
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awww everyone has such sweet babies heh..well my guard has changed again i now have the queen of the house dutchy with me, lol

I felt horrible calling into work..but i didnt think they would want me their on the pills i am on.
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