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Spring Fever?

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Sebastian hasn't set paw on earth for 15 months. For the first few months of indoor only living he was oh so vocal about his unhappiness. Then, he settled down.

Tonight he will not stop meowing. He meows from one end of the apartment to the other. Not hungry, doesn't want lovings, doesn't want treats, looks at me with distain when I try to play with him .... he wants outside! When I get up, he runs right to the window and meows as loud as he can. Driving me looney. If I let him out the window, he will fall three stories. Not a good idea.

We have had temps in the 60s the last two days with lots of sunshine. Think it is spring fever?
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Oh yea its spring fever. Karma is acting the same way. Not matter how many times we tell her she cant go outside she just wont listen. We noticed it a bit last year when she first had come in to live with us but it was not this bad. Last year she still had memories of living outside but had realized how nice an dwarm and dry it was in the house so she did not want ot mess that up. THis year though, now she knows we love her and would not want ot loose her so she is figuring why not, let me play outside. I can hear the birds just let me play with them.

I think every living creature suffers spring fever, I know I would much rather be at the beach than at work.
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Certianley sounds like it to me! My Draco loves to go out on our balconey once in a while to enjoy the warm Arizona temps. He was born and raised for 8 weeks on my ex boyfriends fathers farm, and still has a love for the outdoors; but I do'nt like him going out because my boyfriend smokes and there are cigarette butts all over the balcony and the cats want to go out with him when he smokes *gag*.
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Why not put a large container of sand out there as an ashtray?
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lol, I didn't even think about that. I'll clean them today and set up something for him to use.. I love my kitties being able to get some fresh air, I just don't want them around the nasty cigarette butts...
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I think that at first Alley used to belong to a nice family and was trained properly, because she never gets on counters or does anything bad. My kids rescued her from a dumpster so there is no way of knowing how long she was an indoor cat and how long she was an outdoor cat. The point is that we have provided her with a nice home and companion for the last two months and she spends her days (and nights) looking out the windows. Yes, I know all cats look out the windows but the way she does it makes me think she wishes she was outside once again. I have not heard of spring fever in cats but I think you could very well be right.
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