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Cozmo clawed my head,,,,

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Hi, Cozmo has started to sleep on Yvonne's pillow on the bed, The other day I was laying on the bed half asleep with my head on Yvonne's, or I should say Cozmo's pillow and Cozmo jumped on the bed to take a nap and found me on his pillow so he stuck his claws into the top of my head and tried to move my head out of his way lol, needless to say it hurt but he got what he wanted I moved over and he got his pillow.

When he makes up his mind about something he don't give up till he gets what he wants. Some times during the night he will also lay on her pillow right next to Yvonne's head and he gets mad if she tries to move him out of the way.

He has also started to come and wake me up real early in the mornings like he wants attention but after I wake up he takes off, I am beginning to think he does it just to make me mad. So I have started to bother him while he sleeps during the day just enough so he wakes up then I leave him alone, he gets mad and has to lick his fur because I messed it up and he goes back to sleep.

He is turning into a very funny and goofy cat.
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Sounds like a fun kitty! Meeker loves to lay on people when she sleeps; she used to only lay on me, but my boyfriend moves less in his sleep than I do so she's taken to laying on him! >.< Draco and Mally love to play with anything under the blankets and get rather miffed when we throw (not literally) them off the bed so we can sleep.
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Thank god, Maia is not aggressive like that when she tries to wake me up or get comfy, although she has no problem walking across, curling up on, or licking my face when I am sleeping ! She did claw my lip the other day but it was accidental, we play tag and hide and seek all the time!
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One of my cat loves to sleep on my pillow so I have to share my pillow with her at night or else she will sleep on my face or at least try to!! I get annoyed sometimes that I cuddle her to sleep with blanket covering her body leaving her head exposed.
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That is funny. It reminds me of my Tyler, when he was still here, he used to love sleeping on my pillow. He would claw at my head and scrath in the morning, of course i would lift my head, and as soon as i lifted my head he'd slip in under my head and lay down on the pillow! That cat knew he could out smart me when I was half asleep! lol Then I would try to push him out of the way and he'd meow and whine. So of course I loved my baby so much, I would leave him there and continue my sleep on the little corner that he left for me! lol I miss him so much, he was a true baby! lol spoiled, spoiuled, spoiled!

That is pretty funny though
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When Blossom was a little baby she'd jump onto the bed early morning. I'd feel her there & see this cute little face with dark blue eyes looking at me.
Now that she's 6 m/o she wakes me up by walking over my face, neck & purring loudly while she smooches over my face. We have day light savings for another 2 weeks, that will mean being woken up an hour earlier.
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