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Have I created a picky monster.....

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Ok so monster may be a strong word here but he is becoming more and more picky over wet food. I have tried alot of the brands I can buy at the store and most he will eat for a few weeks but then turns his nose up to it. I have tried Merrick wet but he did not like it at all. So my question is do I keep trying new things till I find something that he likes and stick with it no matter what. Or do I keep changing the food? And if I keep changing the food am I fostering this picky behavior. Help please. I just bought a bunch of food that he will only eat a bite or 2 and then he walks away and leaves it. What do I do.
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I would wait him out for awhile. Sometimes it just takes time for them to warm up to it. After a week or two if you see no change then try something else.
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with canned I give it two days about six try s
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I do understand your frustration. At the same time, it's hard for me to relate to your specific situation because I have 8 cats and of course each one of them doesn't like every type of food that I offer them, but they kind of have to deal with it. I can't please everyone everyday is what I mean. Generally they usually finish up the food that I put down...my only worry is whether everyone ate. Now when they all turn their nose up, then I wonder about the food...but that doesn't usually happen.

I'm a believer in variety. I think variety helps avoid the pickiness. If you can find several (?) types of canned that Ping likes, then I would rotate between those...daily.

Does Ping have his dry available all the time? I have always done that, until recently. And in the past it seems they get to a certain point...just beyond adulthood when they start acting "funny" about canned food. I think it might be around the time that the ravenous kitten appetite goes away. I've done away with the free feeding and that has helped me (less pickiness). When they know the dry is there, or that there will be enough there later to sustain them...they have a tendency to easily turn down something that isn't exactly what they want. That's my observation anyway.

As far as the specific intervals/repetition of attempts, I agree with Sharky.
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Yes, I don't agree with free feeding. I usually lock my cats in a room when I feed them to make sure they eat some, if I don't they have a few mouthfuls then walk away. Also, my 15yo torty never liked fish, it always had to be some kind of meat.
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i understand, as i'm still doing wet food "taste tests" with my kitty. so far, there are only two foods that he consistently eats with vigor every time i put them down. just tried merrick's cowboy cookout because he likes beef, but it was a no-go. i'm hoping to discover more that he loves, for variety's sake. but if he'll only eat one or two wet foods- that's better than dry only. good luck!
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