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I picked up our new foster baby tonight. Her new name is Buttons and she is a sweetie. She is recovering from a broken pelvis and needs lots of extra care and attention! She came to the right place - cause without the other 4 the house was waaaaaay too quiet last night!
I will try to post a pic of her later when my son is home and can help me!
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That is great news! Buttons is going to be the happiest cat since she's in your good hands! I hope she gets better soon and good luck!
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You'll make it all better! She must be very special to have landed on your doorstep! Debra's heart gets LOTS of exercise!

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Awwwww! Buttons is a very lucky kitty to have you taking care of her! Can't wait to see a picture!!
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She is defintely in the right place. She will get all the love and attention she needs.
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As everyone else has said - she's in the best hands!! All the best with this little one Deb, I'm sure you'll do another wonderful job with her!!!
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How is little Buttons adjusting today Deb. Poor little baby must be in pain! Give kitty kisses from her cyberauntie Ady please!
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Thanks guys - Buttons is OK, but is a sad little creature. She has a very difficult time standing, so we are constantly cleaning her bedding. She poops there, poor baby. I too believe she is in pain, but is so kind about all her care.
I will try to keep you all posted - computer was down until this AM - needed a new modum? So have alot of catching up to do!
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