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Still nothing ....

This drives me crazy!!!
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aw , what a lovely girl . i love her pink soft claws bless her .
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wow, she's a big girl - what date was you thinking ?

give that tum some gentle rubs from us
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
aw , what a lovely girl . i love her pink soft claws bless her .
aww yep, just spotted those cute !
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WOW she is a little prego isnt she looks like not long now
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This picture does her more justice

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can i ask , does she have that type of velvet fur? i know theres another name for it , but i cant remember what it is.
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Her fur is "rexed" or wavy and very silkie. She has pretty thick fur for a Devon Rex.

I think she is going to keep those babies in her tummy until they grow up
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Any minute now

But are you sure she is chocolate? She really looks like a black smoke to me. Almost the same coloring as my black smoke who had a chocolate father. Taz had the black head, legs, tail but was more chocolate color on the body - especially in the summer - her color on the fur was brown.

She did not sit in the sun to bleach out - I think it was due to her chocolate father (mom was a tortie). Genetically she was black smoke.
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wow she looks bigger there but much softer
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I'll have to double check with the breeder as to her genetics.

I double checked with her on the accidental breeding a bit more. The breeder keeps her stud(s) in a seperate room of the house and does not allow the girls in once they are old enough to breed. Aparantly Kallie started pinking up the beginning of January, which the breeder found very odd as she was sure Kallie had not been in the room with the stud. Thinking that Kallie must have somehow gotten in and gotten pregnant, she stopped keeping her out of the stud quarters. As it turned out, she had a false pregnancy, which is not very common in cats. Needless to say, once allowed in with the studs, she became pregnant as soon as she got back into heat.

When I picked Kallie up, she was still just pinking ... this time from a real pregnancy. Wanting to be sure whether Kallie was pregnant or had some other reproductive issues, I took her to the vet right away and got an ultrasound.

It was a very expensive week. Our big guy had his teeth cleaned & shots and the two new kitties had checkups & ear drops and eye drops (pregnancy safe) - $800 I really think pets should be automatically covered under health insurance as dependents

Oh ... I was just looking for my kitties ... where do I find them? All three curled up in the queening box together.

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Her paws are SO cute! She sure is getting big. She must have some big babies in there.
Your cats are so cute in thereall together!!!
Is one of them a Siamese?

Have fun waiting,
oh jeez lightening like crazy getting off the computer now.
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Yikes, lightning ... we have 2 inches of snow here.

They are all there Devon Rex. The pointed is Jonesie, our 6 year old.
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Kallie finally had her kitten (yes - just one ) at 4 am this morning. I stayed up waiting for the second one, but it never came. I guess she was so wiggly during the ultrasound, the vet must have seen the same kitten twice

Kallie took care of everything by herself. Her and the baby are doing well.

As I had to rush off to work this morning and did not want to disturb mom and baby too much, I have not taken any pictures. I'll try to post pics later this evening. The little one is dark grey with white feet and a white nose.
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Excellent and congratulations!
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Yayy, congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
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I can't wait to see the baby
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My cats are always hiding in baskets.. Even if they have dirty laundry... YUCK
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It's a boy:

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OMG he is so tiny and cute ... Hi little boy ok he is little boy blue lol
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Oh he is beautiful! But are you sure she hasn't got any more? It would be awful if she retained one.
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aw congrats , his lovely . looks very tiny though . hows mum doing ?
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Aww, what a cute little boy!! Congrats again!
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He's a sweet baby I just want to give him little kisses give mom some pets and congrats from me...
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aww what a tiny little baby, but then he is very, very new awwww

congratulations on your new addition

hope moma is well and feeding him ok, give her some special 'well done' tickles from us
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Congrats! You have very lovely cats and the new one is just precious! I agree that you might want to get her checked to make sure there's not still another one in there...
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Is there more or just the one... WOW only one she was big what am I missing here
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Sorry for not posting sooner. Mom is doing very well and so is junior. No, there were no more. Just one?!? She was pretty hughe for just one kitten LOL

We had a bit of a scare yesterday. I moved the queening box out of out bedroom and into another area of the house. At first Kallie did well. Then she decided that playing with the other cats was more fun than being a mother and she started to bite the little one. At one point it looked like the was going to eat his head. Poor little tyke was screaming away. Then she proceeded to bite his leg and belly.

I quickly moved them back into the bedroom and calmed her down. Low and behold, she settled back down. I've since checked this out on the internet. Looks like queens sometimes will kill their young if they get too anxious. Lesson learned about keeping mom and babies in a dark and quiet spot for at least a couple of weeks.

He weighed 100g when he was born. Yesterday (a day later) he was 110g. I guess he's got all the milk for himself so there should be no reason for him not to gain weight if he's healthy.
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Congrats on the new little addition At least he doesnt have to fight for milk!
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Congratulations are in order!!!

What a precious group of cats and one kitten you have now!!

Are you still going to sell the kitten or will you keep him for yourself now?
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