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Any day now ...

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I've been reading some of the recent posts here about pregnant cats and how painful it is to be waiting for the day the kittens finally arrive ...

Well, I can comiserate now ... my chocolate Devon Rex girl is due to have her litter of 2 kittens any day now ... argh ... I hate this suspense.
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Don't keep us in suspense either! Have your camera ready for the event. Best of vibes to you and your chocolate Devon Rex Girl!
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The run up to Dee Dee's birth was hell on earth for me!!!
I didnt sleep for a week as i was up every hour and a half to check on her as i wasnt exactly sure of her due date. I would dash home from work every day to make sure she was ok and generally made a nuisense of myself as far as she was concerned. She always had this expression of 'oh god not again!' when ever she clapped eyes on me. It was worth it though because on the day of her delivery i had to go to work and she waited for me until i got home before going into labour. I stayed for the whole birth and she let me help her deliver her first kitten as she was having a little trouble as he was a big boy. It brought tears to my eyes and i i felt so privaliged. I did have a headache for 2 days afterwards though. Stress relief apparently. It is ancious (spelling!!) time but its so worth it!! I hope it all goes well and remember we LOVE pictures so keep that camera handy!!!
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I can sooo identify with you. I keep checking on her all the time. Then she will roughhouse with one of the other cats and I'll get all worried ... my husband thinks I am extremely funny.

This will be her first litter and my second litter. We are not exactly sure as to the due date. She snuck into the room with the stud a couple of times and the breeder was not sure when she was bred. I took her to the vet for an ultrasound and he had figured that she'd be due last Wednesday ... more or less.

Similar to you, I was hoping things would happen on the weekend, while I'm at home. Thankfully, queens will often wait to deliver their kittens until their "moms" are home.
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Don't forget - its MANDATORY on this board to post kitten pictures within a few days of being born and giving us info on how many, colors, etc.
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Congrats! You must be so excited. please do keep us posted and we simply must have pictures of the little darlings when they are born!

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Ooooh another reminder that we will need to see photos of the little ones when they arrive!

What colours are you expecting from this mating?
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I'm waiting with baited breath and camera in hand.
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What color is the father? I might be able to do a general color possibility
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Baby Watchers Patrol on Alert
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Since the breeding was accidental, there are two possible fathers - one is pure white, the other one is an orange and white.
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Correction RED and white

Is it a purebred Devon breeding? how did she get bred by 2 males?

If you get any whites - the father is the white one

If you get torties/calicos (black/red and or black/red/white) the red/white is the father.

But if the white one is red underneath, you still could get a tortie out of it. The only way to know who is the father is DNA testing in this case.
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Aparantly she snuck into the other room with the 2 Devon stud males and did not get noticed right away. It's a long story ...

The breeder was not intending on having Kallie bred, rather she was supposed to go to a pet home. In fact, she was not intending on breeding any of her cats as she is going on a month long vacation shortly. I've know this breeder for a few years and so ended up taking the little girl home with me ...

We'll see how her kittens turn out and how she takes to motherhood. I have contacts with another breeder who has an unrelated stud male and may continue to breed her. Alternatively, she will retire as a pet, as originally intended and I may keep one of her kittens.
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Well the biggest problem is who to put on the papers as the father. Since you don't know who really is the father, you can't register the kittens! What are your plans for the kittens? Sell them as pets only and neuter/spay?
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My plan was to sell as pets and neuter/spay.

If she had a show quality kitten and I would like to show/breed it, I could get DNA parantage testing done. Of course colours will also help identify the parantage.
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Only if you knew what color the mother was on the all white one - that would determine the underlying color of him.

Like I said if he's red or cream under the white, and you get a tortie out of it (with the chocolate mother) you STILL don't know the father because the other male is red/white too.

If you get DNA testing done to determine the father, you still may run into a problem. Because BOTH fathers can sire some of the kittens and if you register the litter as one father, genetically some of the kittens may be "impossible".

I don't think you should register any of them from this litter. Only register the litter with a planned breeding so you know who the father is. Just spay/neuter these kittens, sell as pets without papers and explain WHY they can't have papers.

By any chance do you know if these 2 males happen to be litter brothers (same parentage)?
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The two males are not related. My understanding is that one is going to be retired shortly and the other one came from a different cattery just a few months ago.

As she is only expecting 2 kittens, I am really not too concerned at this point, especially since the plan is to have them neutered/spayed and sell them as pets. As you mentioned, I'll just have to be up front with any potential buyers.

By the way, I am reading up on color genetics ... argh ... maybe I'll have to take a course LOL
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just checking in................hows momo doing today any signs ?
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No change except that she is getting bigger every day and her teats are looking pretty swollen.

Yesterday she got all cuddly and finally had a nap in her queening box ... this morning she was doing summersaults with Jonesie and chasing after a ball as if she wasn't pregnant at all.

I keep checking to make sure I can still feel the kittens kicking ...

Unfortunately, I have meetings all day at work My husband will be going home at noon and call if anything develops. I think she is going to keep those kittens in her belly forever
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Don't forget - its MANDATORY on this board to post kitten pictures within a few days of being born and giving us info on how many, colors, etc.
LOL ya Mandatory o and Mandatory we have to know when it happens. I love waiting for all the kittens to be born. Makes my life seem simple LOL.
How is she this morning. Sounds like she could have 10-14 more days to go. Does she have milk.
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If you can get a drop of milk out of her, she should have them within 48 hrs
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Skittles had milk almost a week before birth.
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Still nothing this morning. I was at the vet 4 weeks ago today when he did the ultrasound and figured that she's just over half-way through. The vet only treats cats so should have an idea of what he's talking about ... you'd think. No milk yet but she's getting bigger.

She sure is a happy little cat though.
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He could of been off a week on eithere side wait another week go from there
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just checking in any photos of our mommy in waiting ?
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not that I saw but ya know what we do need one maybe we can do a guess on her also
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As you can read, there are alot of folks waiting to hear how things are going and to see photos of the little ones! Good luck to you and your mom-to-be!
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any news yet pic's of mom to be please
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Checking in, waiting for pics

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wow there is alot of us checking in here. I have not seen the owner post else where
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