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Pregnant Cat?

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Hello everyone!!

New to the site and so happy to be here...

I'm wondering if my precious Bella (Grizzabella is the full name) is pregnant.

She has escaped twice from our house - I know...bad daddy!

We recently moved from an apartment but before doing so my partner had left the window open (February 18th to be exact) and she broke through the screen and was missing for about 8 hours.

I thought she could be pregnant from that first outing but then when we moved to our house she went into heat again...and again escaped... ...she came back (March 3rd) and now I'm not sure if she is pregnant or not.

Now what are some signs I could be looking for in a pregnant cat?

Would she be getting enlarged nipples yet or would that still be a few weeks away...?

Should I just take her to the vet and see what they say?

She has been extremely needy lately and I have noticed a larger shedding than usual, heavier appetite (wanting more wet food), more lethargic...some weight gain...but then again...if we are going on the March 3rd date...she shouldn't be having any of these signs yet or would she??

LOL...I apologize for the long post...but I've been lurking here and now decided to join and see if any of you wonderful experts could help me out :-)

Thanks for the help!!!

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I'm on the "too early to tell" side, too. The signs do point towards pregnancy, but it certainly isn't diagnostic. If you feel her belly, there might be multiple lumps in it--that means kittens, if you don't mistake organs or bits of poo in the intestine for kittens. But other than that, the only way's to go to the vet's.

I'm not sure what you think of it, ethically; but this would be the time to get her spayed, if you don't want kittens. Early in the pregnancy, it is quite safe; and if she's not pregnant, spaying means you won't have this problem again.

From the viewpoint of money, spay-abort is definitely cheaper--kittens are expensive. They all need their first shots, checkups, worming, neutering... at the very least, they need rabies shots; and those alone are more than the cost of a spay operation. (We can help find a cheap spay/neuter program, either for your cat or, if she has them, for the kittens, if you're strapped for cash.)

If you do decide to go along with having the kittens, I suggest bringing her in for a checkup when you see definite signs of pregnancy--the big belly, the nipples enlarging... Just to make sure she is healthy, and will have a safe delivery. Do keep your vet on speed-dial, though--some cats do have problems; and though a C-section costs a lot, it may also save your cat's life.

Once you know she's pregnant, feed a high-quality kitten food. This is good for pregnant cats because it has high nutrition value. Also, keep her indoors--the last thing you want is for her to have her kittens outdoors!
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I think the first tell tale sign of pregnancy is swollen nipples 'pinking up' which happens at around 3-4 weeks gestation. Around this time your girl will also start to put on weight and look a little rounded. This of course isnt a reliable sign of pregnancy. The best thing to do would be to visit the vet and let them palpate or feel the abdomen for hard walnut sized lumps. You shouldnt feel too much yourself as this could harm your cat and also start the onset of premmature labour. I guess the only definate way of knowing is to get your vet to do an ultra sound or an xray, but even that cant be performed until 6 weeks along as this is when the kittens form their skeletons. I guess the reality is that if your cat is still entire and she has escaped she is going to get pregnant at some point in time. Sorry i cant be more helpful!! Good luck though.
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Unfortunately Bella is not pregnant...she got out of the house today while I was in bed sleeping (stomach ache) and the Meals on Wheels man left the door open and she ran out

My partner reassures me that she will come back and I've gone almost house to house now to tell them if they see her to let us know...like I've said before...this is now the third time she has gotten out and the very last time...unless she comes back preggo's this time its off to the vet for a spaying we go

Thank you all so much for your comments and advice...
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Once you find her, if you have her spayed asap (like within a few days) it won't matter whether she's pregnant or not at that very early stage.

Don't worry about whether she's pregnant or not - just get your lovely girl back and to the vet!
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Originally Posted by hakishiroom View Post
Unfortunately Bella is not pregnant...
Don't you mean FORTUNATELY Bella is not pregnant? We don't want her getting pregnant do we?
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Unless Bella is a few weeks the vet wont know she is prego when he/she spayers her. I think at like 2 or 3 weeks is when the embro develops and so far... Like the female
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Yeah, just get her done ASAP as soon as she comes back.
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