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1st Foster Cat coming soon

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I have been given the date of the 1st Foster Kitty, she is due to come on Friday

Am looking forward to it, although I am a bit nervous as she was found as a kitten but was wild even though she was living in a home. She is meant to be quite timid and not keen on strange people so the woman in charge who has been looking after want her to have a chance of getting to know someone else.

I jsut hope I do all the right things. I am planning on just spending time in the room reading a book on the floor until she gets used to me, but I would be grateful for any tips

Her name is Whatsit, as it took a while before they got to check if she was male or female, an older kitten and back with a little triangle of white on her chest.

Wish me luck

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Wishing you good luck!!!!! I am sure you will do the right things....you should check out a thread in the ferals section, titled "A friend needs help". There is alot of great information there, and a friend of mine is going through a similar situation with a kitten she is trying to tame, and reading to, etc....

Keep us posted!!!
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That's so great Marie! I'm sure you will do the right things. Just have a ton a patience with her, and don't expect too much too soon. Debby beat me to it, but have a read through of that thread about Lucky the cat. She's coming along nicely, and if nothing else jump in on that thread. I'm sure Sandi (and the rest of us) will give you support when you need it.
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Marie - that is wonderful news! This babe will be very lucky to have you!
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Marie - has the foster kitty arrived yet? You must be so excited!
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Yep she has arrived

She is very timid, which is to be expected.

She hasn't moved from her windowsill spot yet, but she has eaten some food when I brought some over and she does purr when I have approached her.

But she is a real sweet looking cat, hopefully she will settle in with time and patience.

And I am about to check out the thread Debby reccomended.

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