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Pro-choice or pro-life?

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Not trying to start a dramatic debate here, but many people feel that neuter and spay should be legally bound.
I was curious as to what some feelings are as far as pro-choice or pro-life?
I am pro-choice, feel that spaying and neutering should be financially assisted more by the government if needed by owners. But not sure about legally enforcing this as a whole.
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I am pro choice to a point. I also feel there should be more financial help out there for spaying and neutering from the government or someone. I know some people feel if you can't afford to have a pet fixed you shouldnt have a pet. Well excuse me but how many people out there can really afford to have kids. They still do and they still have the right to. Do I want to pay for other people pets or kids. Not especially but if I ever need the resources out there for help then I am glad they are there. Also if I made millions of dollers a year like a ceo and paying my workers crap then I should be able to pay a little more in taxes. Everyone has a right to have a pet. Of course you should be able to feed it and everything but where do we draw the line at if you can't afford them you shouldnt have one. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs that I love to death but if one of them got really sick I may not be able to afford it. I may need help in paying for medical bills. Does that meen I shouldnt have a pet. Some may think so however I give my pets a heck of a lot better home then many wealthy people out there that can afford such expenses you can bet that I will do anything I can to try to pay for it if I can. $100 may not be a lot to many of us but to some it is. They still should be able to have the joy of having a pet as long as they can feed it and give it a loving home.
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I am totally pro-choice politically all abortions.

Personally I don't believe in abortions after the first trimester.

I would never want any type of abortion banned for the simple reason that it will always be sought, and I would rather women get proper medical care then be butchered at the hands of some back alley "surgeon." Here in the UK where abortion is legal girls who have been smuggled into the country and forced to sell themselves they are subjected to this. It is completely horrific and barbaric what is done to them, and that this can still happen in 2007. Banning abortion will make such surgeons the only alternative to some women, and I find that totally unacceptable no matter what my own personal beliefs are.
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I'm pro-choice. IMO if you can't afford the condom or some other type of birth control, you can't afford the baby.
ETA: Also if you can't take the 5 seconds that it does take to PUT the condom on, what makes you think that you'll take the 3 hours of getting up in the middle of the night to quiet your baby down?

I do agree however that abortion should not be used as a method of birth control.

I also disagree against the Pro-Lifers that stand outside of abortion clinics and throw things at mothers that are going in for their appointments. When I was in college I heard of one too many women whose child was killed from beatings these people gave them. The mother was short of her life too. The stories were sad

Don't get me wrong too...I do hope to have children of my own someday and I do think that they are precious. I just think that there is a proper time in life to have them.
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there's actually already a thread about this, if you're talking about people. i wasn't sure from your post - are you talking about people or cats?
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with dogs and cats for abortion, I am for it only if the animal is too young
to have puppies or kittens or it is too dangerous for the animal to have a litter like the dog or cat is emaciated.. AND I am all for spaying and neutering your pets.. it helps control the pet overpopulation.

with people :

I am pro-life, unless there is an abuse case like I think everyone knows what I mean. I don't think it's appropiate if I use the word here.. but if you choose to have sex without a condomn and you get pregnant, hopefully you both are financially stable to care for the child.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
there's actually already a thread about this, if you're talking about people. i wasn't sure from your post - are you talking about people or cats?
Trying to see what other people think in the relation of, do we have the right? Really my head is going way beyond this, but I just don't have the ability to type it all out!
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There is another thread on this, so I'll just re-post

To ask if I'm for against abortion seems silly. Of course, I'm against abortion, I don't like the idea of it, I don't like how society views it and what women who choose it have to go through. In a perfect world, abortion would be unheard of because every child would be wanted.

But this is not a perfect world, and abortion ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to remain legal. This is a world where women...especially young women and low-income women are a) not properly educated (or even at all!) on how to prevent pregnancy and protect themselves in sexual relationships, b) birth control is expensive and difficult to get, especially if you're one of the millions of Americans who are uninsured and c) Sex has a stigma: religious zealots combined with our very own SECULAR government are conspiring to cloud the waters as far as changing the above 2 things...remember, sex is dirty and nasty and only bad girls do it. Riiiiiiiiiight. Oh yeah, and did I mention that there are STILL no male hormonal birth control options?

So, unfortunately, abortion is the only option for some women. And yeah, I agree with them. After all, would you rather have a life of poverty with a young, low-income and/or uneducated mother that statistically would make it difficult for you to pull you up by your bootstraps toa better life? Or would you rather not have lived at all? Would you like to go through life knowing that your parents didn't want you and that maybe you ruined it all for them? No? Didn't think so. I'm not sure what I would do if faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I guess it would depend on A LOT of things. But whatever choice would be in my best interest as well as the best interests of my partner and unborn baby. How am I supposed to raise a family if I'm in no place to rasie a family? How is that fair to ANYONE in the picture?

Every child should be WANTED. So I'm pro-choice. And Pro-Choice doesn't necessarily mean one is FOR abortions for all...it simply means that we are for CHOICE when it comes to planning a family...and we think that CHOICE should be accessible to every family and every woman...if they're 50 or 16, black or white, rich or poor. Every single person deserves honest, candid information about sex, sexuality and child-rearing...or how to prevent pregnancy from happening...and THEN they deserve full, uninhibited access to resources which will help them through whatever choice they make. Now, I'm not saying to sell birth control like it's candy...but I just don't see how a 16 year old or individual on welfare can afford 2 doctors visits plus $30 a month (and that's WITH my insurance) to get pills. Or whatever method these people choose.

I also think it's completely hypocritical that so many pro-lifers are against using or teaching birth control. People are sexual beings and there will be no changing that...the whole reason we strive to survive is to reproduce and we do that by (gasp!) having sex. Marching in a rally with pictures of fetuses and ridiculing and harassing the women who choose abortion will not, I repeat, WILL NOT make every child wanted. Working really hard to help make contraceptives available and affordable to all women and all families would accomplish the goal. Being idealouges will not. Like I said, people are not about to stop having sex any time soon.
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It was definitely not a "are you against abortion" question. Left it open specifically......
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In domestic animals? I'm pro-making sure the world is not continually overrun with offspring because of careless owners who (either through neglect or choice) allow their animals to have litters. The amount of animals in shelters, abandoned, on the streets, or killed is out of control and a vast proportion of it is due to unregulated, inefficient breeding practices.

It is our responsibility to look after our pets, and the animals of the world who can't look after themselves. If it were the same with humans, if one human could have up to 12 children at a time, and there was a 70% chance that they would end up in orphanages, on the streets, or being drowned in a sack, then that would make my decision for me. Spay and neuter humans, too.

Spaying and neutering is a welfare issue, not a pro-choice or pro-life issue. In humans, well, I'm pro-choice. I just don't believe in using abortion as a form of contraception. Women who do that SHOULD be spayed, IMO.
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