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Dog shampoo?

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Pups got into the crawlspace again, so it's time for another bath....

I usually use baby shampoo on my cats, but Pups gets really dirty and has really light fur. I thought maybe I'd get a pet shampoo especially for white fur. However, the store only had dog shampoo especially for white fur.

I was going to use it, but I noticed that on the back it says "Not recommended for cats." Is this just some marketing nonsense, or is there a legit reason for this?
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It is legit many ingrediant s like tea tree oil work okay for dogs but can be toxic for cats
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Never use dog shampoo for cats. Many times there are certain ingredients in the dog shampoo that would be harmful for cats because they lick themselves.

I think one of them it tea tree oil.

Use either people shampoo, cat shampoo, or quality shampoo made for both. Its NOT a marketing ploy.
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There are shampoos out there for both species. Just read the label carefully. The others are right, tea tree oil and tar are bad for cats.
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Also be very careful with taking your cat to a groomer and having them flea shampoo the cat. IF the groomer does not have a separate tub for cats, you can pick up residue from dog flea treatment that can kill the cat if washed in the same tub they use for dogs.

Doesn't matter how well they think they rinse - I've heard of more then one case of the cat either dying or being very sick. That is why I will wash my own dogs or cats at home!
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I'm really impressed that you noticed the fine print where it said "Do not use for cats." Usually that information is burried. There are legit reasons why some dog shampoos are not recommended for cats. Cats kidneys and liver process differently then dogs and not all ingredients good for dogs are good for cats. One of them is tea tree oil, as some of the others have said. I would not use a dog shampoo with tea tree oil in it even for my dog, if I had cats in the house. Only because if there is a chance your cat will try to "groom" your dog they could get poisoned. I've seen whitening shampoos out there for cats. I think petco? They seem to have a larger selection of shampoos and grooming tools.

You can also use Dawn dishwashing liquid on a really dirty cat/dog. It works well. Always follow up with a rinse water that is about 2-3 gal of warm water and 3 Tablespoons of white vinegar. It helps rinse out all the soap and helps to restore ph balance of the skin. At least that's why I have always used it! But I've heard around here of people who say it also kills fleas. Not sure if they use a stronger concentration.
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Yeah, I wouldn't use it on the cat if it said "not for cats" on the label.
There are shampoos for both dogs and cats, you can look into buying one of those so you can use it on all the members of the household
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If your cat is white or light color you can use Nexxus Simply Silver human shampoo - that's what I used on my rexes all the time for show grooming/washing. Its great for white/light color
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Thanks GK! I'll try that. I went back to the store and didn't find any cat shampoo for whites.

Puppy also decided to walk through wet paint, so now we have a cat that's white, orange, yellow, grey, and black. This is going to be a fun bath...
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This is quite valuable information.
I often read information on this site but rarely post. I find it hard sometimes to express myself correctly but I feel I must offer my thanks and sometimes talk to people on the site. This is the kind of thing that is of most help. I never have realized this difference. I use baby shampoo for all animals I hope this is okay?

Really this is very important site with very nice people and I hope it is okay for me to talk once in a while. Many times all questions are answered.

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Baby shampoo is ok, just that it doesn't have conditioners and I feel there are better shampoos out there. If its just for a one time bath and you have nothing better, use it
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I will now switch!
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You are doing fine Milos What country are you from? (see you are living in the States).
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You should be able to find a whitener for cats, I know I've seen them somewhere. I believe maybe PetSmart?? Try there, it will do the same thing but will be much safer for your kitty!
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I have been away on work for many weeks. so many sites I check into.

I am from Moldova originally, but my family moved to Bucharest (in Romania) when I was six years of age.
I have lived many places and am now preparing to move again!
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