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Simple solution, cat, Allergy and shed relief bathing wipes.

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Was at my local Petsmart today and picked up this brand of cat wipes with extra thick cloth wipes.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...iggthumpup.gif.

Does anyone on her use this brand or any others? what is the best type of cat wipe out there? http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif

Also list websites that sell really good brands. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/agree.gif

Bindi and Tom today got bathed with the wipes Bindi puts up with it better then Tom who's used to this sort of thing, both cats look and smell great.
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I've never used them. But I usually recommend something a lot cheaper And it works. Get a gallon of DISTILLED water from your food store. Wipe down the cat once or twice a day with a cloth dipped in the distilled water - works to lessen allergies and a lot cheaper
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Almost all of the cat whipes I've used work fairly well. I heat them up because I find they work better and the cats like them more that way, its a nice combo to use them and use the furminator before hand. However, the baby powder smell only lasts a couple of days so I do it every 2 days and bathe them occasionally with cat shampoo.
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Not quite as cheap as water .. I use the least toxic baby wipes I can find...
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I'm so glad I saw this thread. My allergist said the wipes don't help allergies, but you guys are saying they do so I'm going to believe you! I would be so excited to find something other than what I am doing to help with my allergies to cats. I am miserable to the point of having some thoughts about returning one of my cats, Brandon to the foster care I got him from. But my heart won't let me do it. After a number of years living with cats, all of a sudden last September I became very allergic to one or both of my cats. I suspect it is Brandon that I am most allergic to as he is the most recent addition to my home and quite frankly, for lack of a better description, having him next to me just feels "unpleasant." Besides the ususal congestion problems, I broke out in hives daily for 4 months and was finally allergy tested. I am presently giving myself allergy shots twice a week. Cats are not my only allergy.

Besides allergy shots, antihistamines, nasal spray, I use a surgical mask when dusting and cleaning and when brushing the cats and I do a lot of washing and extra cleaning. I'm not sure any of this is helping.

Questions: Someone posted about bathing - how often and where do you do bathe them? Does shaving them in the summer help with shedding and allergies? My female Kabou is medium to long hair and Brandon is DSH.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. And, I'm purchasing some wipes! Thank you.
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I don't use the wipes but I do use the liquid Allergy pet stuff. I put it on a washcloth and rub my cats down with it. It really does help tons. I swear by the stuff. A bottle is around $8 but it lasts me years.

Bathing does help too. And how often just depends. If you're using the allergy pet stuff, you shouldn't have to bathe as often or at all. I bathe Jake regularly (but that's because he gets greasy on his belly and chest). He gets a bath about once a month. Peaches is only a few times a year. I bathe them in the kitchen sink. They like the smaller sink. I think it makes them feel safer. I put a rubber mat on the bottom so they don't skid and run the other sink full of water and put 3 Tablespoons of white vinegar in it to help get all the soap out and restore ph balance of the skin.

Shaving may help some. But the allergen isn't the fur. It's the dander produced from below the skin that comes out. The fur acts as a carrier but if you shave you don't get rid of the allergen. Probably won't have as much because it doesn't get trapped in the fur but.... Cats who groom/lick more produce more dander (allergen).
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