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Up to the challenge of a BIG undertaking for the sake of ferals?  

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Here's the deal - we want to get the Samoa story out to the press. For that we need to access as many journalists and reporters as possible - only those that cover animal related issues. So, here's how I was going to go about finding them -

1. Visit the website of a newspaper (any newspaper)
2. Run a search for "cats" and "pets" on their website to track down the relevant articles.
3. Then get the name and email of the repoter

Now, here's the thing - there are thousands and thousands of them out there! And this is where I could really use your help!

As several of you have so kindly offered to help - Yola came up with this great idea of making this team effort into a thread which will help everyone keep track of things and be generally fun too .

Now, I am going to divide the newspapers by Region/State and then maybe some more into more managable chunks. Each chunk will be numbered so that no one gets confused and no one does the same newspapers twice.

If you want to join in, just post and tell me which "chunk" you want to do. I will then mark it down as "taken". Post here with your questions, feedback, comments - anything.

Now - give me 5 minutes to start posting the websites of the newspapers in question...

Please email me with your chunk info in seperate lines for each reporter containing the following information:

Reporter's name, reporter's email, newspaper's name, newspaper's web address

That's all I need - if you want, feel free to add you comments at the end of the email.
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Oh! I forgot to mention!

As a token of gratitude to those who help - a special wonderful snuggle kitty will be given to one of the helpers! We'll have a draw when it's finished to see who gets it. It's really cool! I know you will be wanting to help, not for the purrize... but I want to say a really big and warm thank you!
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Count me in! I can take Colorado, or more if you need! Do you want us to post the information on this thread or email it to you? We can have a race to see who can come up with the most, the fastest!
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I'm in too Anne. I am at the computer all day anymore anyway..... I'll take Oregon and take myself out of the draw for the purrize....
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Here we go:


Chunk #001 - Marie - done

Chunk #002 - Hissy ( done)


Chunk #003 -hissy ( done)


Chunk #004 -hissy (done)

Chunk #005 hissy ( done)


Chunk #006 -hissy (done)

Chunk #007 (done)

Chunk #008 (DONE)

Chunk #009 (DONE)


Chunk #010 (DONE)

Chunk #011 (DONE)

Chunk #012 (DONE)

Chunk #013 (DONE)

Chunk #014 (DONE)

Chunk #015 DONE)

Chunk #016 (DONE)

Chunk #017 (DONE)

WOW! That's about 170 newspapers we've done, plus Jeanie doing Pennsylvania and Heidi is doing Colorado. Thanks everyone!

I am now posting more chunks for you in a new thread... this post will be getting too long to handle.
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Please see my additional comments in my very first post about how the information should be delivered - thanks!

A race would be fun - if you like

I'm going state by state alphabetically. Doesn't have to be your state you're doing Also, once someone takes a chunk - I will say so next to the chunk's number so we know it's taken.
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I would be happy to help.

I don't mind taking chunk 1.

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Ok, our wonderful Jeanie G. is already at work on Pensylvenia! She has brought up a good question - what to do when the article doesn't have a byline. What I would suggest is look up a "contacts" section in the website - sometimes they have the emails of reporters there. If you can't find the repoter anywhere, then maybe you'll find a general email where we can send them the info.

BTW - the reason I am going for local newspapers as well is because I hope the story will encourage people in small towns to do something about the ferals and strays in their localities.

Ok - I need to go now, nurse my baby and hit the sack. So, anyone who wants to start with what I've got - just make sure you post about it here. Thanks you everyone!!!
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Way to go Marie! Thanks!

Chunk #001 goes to Marie!

My email addy by the way is
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Anne I will take Chunk 2........
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If we're still working on this next week, can I participate then? I'll check in Monday - does that work? I'm "overbooked" now as it is - and I still keep spending too much time on this site!
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Guys - it's getting late here, and I've been pounding the PC all day = cross-eyed.

I'll check in first thing in the morning, and as well as hitting any UK-based journos that might be interested, I will take a remaining chunk (if you'll leave me one)!.

Happy researching and nite nite.
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Anne, Do you prefer all of our information at one time, or should we send a batch when we have a certain number of names? Perhaps daily? There are hundreds of newspapers in PA.

Hint for fellow searchers: After some trial and error, I have a hint for you. The archives will probably be set up by sections. You could get a "no entries" reply when using search in general, but if you are in the correct section, the same word, ie: cat, animals, pets, might lead you to the author of a regular column. In the Pittsburgh area, the section is Lifestyles. I'm going to look for similar section names as I continue my search. I hope that helps.
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Also, for those who are searching by state (the ones not yet listed by Anne), try looking on the state website. Colorado has all the local newspapers with websites listed, as well as TV stations. The state websites are easy to find... the formula is www.state.(state abbreviation).us i.e. Colorado's is Arizona would be etc.
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Thanks for the tip Jeanie!

As for sending me the info - whichever you're more comfortable with. Daily batches would be great.

For those of you taking on different "chunks" - send them as you finish one chunk.

I have returned by the way baby is asleep so I thought I'd try and do California before I go to bed
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I have sent mine to you Anne as an email attachment - hope that is ok.

I did have a problem with either no search function available or having to subscribe to the paper either for money or a local address so I just had I look through the contacts and used the most relevant departments email address (at least I am hoping it was relevant )

Hope that was ok.

If there are still any chunks left by the weekend then I can do another one.

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Thank you Marie! It's here and very clear. I actually like your way of putting it better than what I had suggested. I hope it's ok with you if I post one of your listings as an example.

6) Reporter: Jean Hyndman
Reporter email:
Newspaper: the Decatur daily
This reporter has done stories in the past advising about the importance of Neutering.

Really easy to see everything this way. Thanks!
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Done with Chunk 2 taking Chunk 3

Just a tip for those who are helping. Look up only the word Pets. If you look up cats you are liable to get into the sport sections and waste time- ie: wildcats, bobcats, etc....
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I so badly want to help with this!!! I just have such a limited amount of internet time these days!!! But I will do my best to help!!!!!! If you could give me a chunk in Iowa, I will start the next time I am online, which will be Friday after work....
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Got through "D" in the list of Colorado Newspapers. Sent them off. Hope it is understandable!
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Thank you MA! I knew you were after that Snuggle Kitty but I didn't know how bad With the weekend coming, I hope other members get a chance to lend a hand too. I'll be posting more chunks now, so get ready to grab yours! By the way, if you happen to come into this thread and you don't see any work in the waiting, post if you want to join in anyway.
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Anne - will you be doing Canadian newspapers too? If so I can start looking at those for you. I can access a bunch of different ones even if you don't have newspaper names in Canada.
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Just doing what I should have done yesterday - closing this thread to prevent confusion. This thread contimnues here -
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