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New puppy pictures!!

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Hi Everyone, well here she is~ Kyra!!

She's such a suck... she sleeps more than the cats and is getting used to peeing outside. It's a lot to get used to. and the razor sharp puppy teeth.
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What an adorable little girl she is!!

Is she full blown lab or a mix? She looks like she's going to be a big girl when she grows up!!
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Totally in love!!

What a doll!!
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Awwww look at that sweet little face I just want to kiss it!!
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We were told by the owner that the father had a tiny bit of malamute in him but she wasn't sure how much but she is mostly lab. Mother was yellow father was black with some malamute
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Aww she's gorgeous! What a sweet puppy face!
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She's sooo adorable!! I just LOVE labs! I have a black lab mix and he is the best dog ever. I could never live without a lab and I can't wait to watch her grow. More pics please!
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o my what a cutie, she reminds me of my brothers snowflake when she was a puppy, and well now her and my 2 labs are huge but what a cutie she is and well I dont miss those puppy teeth although my brother got a new puppy and I gotta deal with it there but ur new arrival is such a cutie, I cant wait to see moer pics and everything
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Nope, sorry. That's it. She belongs to me now.

Hope you don't mind - I'll just be over to get her in a couple of hours.

There is nothing, I repeat nothing, cuter than a lab puppy.

Unless it's a GSD puppy.
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awwww, what a cutie!!!
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aww! Such a cutie! Her and Hershey, could be partners in crime. lol
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She is absolutely adorable!!!!
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Very cute! Good for you for getting a mixed breed! Good luck with her training!
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