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No poop in 2 1/2 days

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I'm not sure if I am worrying over nothing but I am hoping someone can give me some ideas.

My 9 year old cat Misty has not pooped since Thursday night. This is Sunday afternoon already. She pees, eats, plays and sleeps and does not seem to be uncomfortable. In fact when she plays, she runs fast and rolls around on the floor with her toys.

My question is - should I be concerned that she hasn't pooped in almost 3 days. I haven't seen her even go near the litter box except to pee and leave so she's not straining or anything. I just wasn't sure how long is too long.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Is she still eating normally? Can you call your vet and ask for advice? I would also try giving some hairball goop to see if that gets things moving again. Canned pumpkin (with no spices) may also help if she's constipated. Also, could she have pooped elsewhere (outside the box) or had diarrhea that made the clump look like a pee clump?
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Thank you for your reply. Misty just did her business. I was very happy to see her make her poop and made such a fuss that I think she thinks I'm crazy now. Apparently she wasn't aware of any problem because I guess there wasn't one. I just like to make sure my little girl is OK.

Thank you again. I never thought I could be so happy about cat poop.

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I have been there before. And isn't it funny how they look at you when your all excited..."Yeah, good girl! you did a poopy!". It reminds me of the first time Maia used the litter. She was so tiny and the first day she peed on the blanket, I kinda new she had to go, but missed it. Poor little girl just didn't know what to do since mommy kitty wasn't there. So then I made sure as soon as I saw the same signals to keep placing her in the litter. I think at first she was wondering why I kept putting her in there! Then, next thing I know she went on her own and I had a celebration! Was so proud of my little wobbling baby girl!!!!
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im glad that she did it
but it can be a real problem if a cat does not poop or pee for more than two days.
it happened to my granpa's dog, we rushed him to the vet, it was a bladder problem.
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I began to worry about the not pooping but thank God she was peeing. If she wasn't peeing I would have had her to vet immediately since I've already experience enough urinary problems with her. Now I am watching her closely because she was doing a lot of yowling and crying everytime I was busy doing something other than looking at her. The minute I would get into bed at night, she would pick up her toy and start crying and bringing into the bedroom and meowing, meowing, meowing. She has been doing this since Friday night. Which coincidentally has been the same amount of time that she wasn't pooping. Now I'm wondering if she was just trying to get my attention that she wasn't feeling well when I was thinking she was just trying to get my attention to play. I'll see what happens now that she is pooping again. She made a lot last night and then again this morning so I think she was probably pretty uncomfortable. I hope the whining and crying stops now because it's sad to see her trying so hard to get me to understand what she is trying to tell me. Other than this stuff, she is not acting sick in any other way. She's eating normally, peeing, sleeping during the day as usual, playing. So I don't know if I'm worrying over nothing at this point. If the crying at night doesn't stop then I will have to take her to the vet. My problem is that my vet seems to never see anything wrong.

Thanks for your replies.

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