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Does anyone else

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Have the munchies? I do so I got myself a piece of chocolate cake. I baked it yesterday and I am just now getting my first piece. I had been thinking about getting it all morning. And now I have and am slowly eating it.
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I do today too, but I don't have anything good here to munch on, no fair!!
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It' Sunday. It is a sitting around, watching movies, relaxing and munching out kind of day. I have Little Debbies, 2 huge Hershey bars, and probably will order a stromboli from the new Italian place that delivers.
That chocolate cake sounds really good, though. Enjoy!
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For the first time in ages I bought a bag of regular potato chips and a carton of sour cream. I think I ate half the bag for lunch. Dessert was a chocolate filled croissant ("day old bakery special" bleh... )
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OMG, you just reminded me to eat some brownies...
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Thanks folks, you just made me had to eat some ice cream. Sheesh, and I was trying to be good. (Trying being the operant word there.)
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I just made banana muffins. We're waiting for them to cool a bit before chowing down.
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