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How deeply do your cats sleep?

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Are your cats heavy sleepers? Can you/do you mess with them while they're sleeping? I don't with Rachel, 'cause she's so lovely (and a wicked light sleeper), nor with Meghan, 'cause she's really too sweet and gentle, but Allen? Well, he's such a doofus already, how can I resist?

Here's some pics of him catching some z's as I slowly tug his mouth further and further open. Believe it or not, I quit ('cause I was laughing too hard, you know) before he ever woke up! (And, yes, that's drool at the corner of his mouth. Part of Allen's...er..."charm".)

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LMAO!!!! That is hilarious

There's no way I could ever do that to my cats. If I even get near them they wake up and go "BRRRRT!"
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If a fly lands on the neighbors window the girls hear it and wake up.
Now Elliott, he's a whole other story.
A bomb could go off and he'd sleep through it.
I've picked him up off the couch, moved him to the chair held him on my lap and trimmed his nails and he slept through it all.

Maybe it's just males in general...no matter what the species.
I know when one of our kids wakes up in the middle of the night Mason just NEVER hears them...no matter how loud they yell!!


Allen is just adorable!
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that is amazing that he lets us touch him - and those photos are so cute
he is totally snoozed out

Dino is a light sleeper, if you put the remote control down on our coffee table he jumps outta his skin he's a freak. Not sure about the other lot
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I've had cats in the past who were deep sleepers. I'd tickle toes and ear hairs and nothing would wake them up. Even had one who slept through a severe wind storm (bad enough I went to the basement!).
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oooo just remembered I have sort of brushed my fingertip over Pepsi ear hair she just wiggles it in annoyance !!
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Lol! Those are such awesome pics! I wish i could mess with my kitties, but they all slept too lightly...
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LOL that is so funny! allen is so cute!!

All of the cats I've had have been heavy sleepers, not all the time, but they had their moments. I've never had multiple cats at one time, just one at a time. Each of them would get into the really deep sleep where i could tell it was REM sleep, and their bodies would be so limp it was scary at times! I'd lift their paw and let it go and it would fall straight down. With my Tyler(He passed on) I would stack items on him, books, the remote control, cds, gum, anything that I could think of, I'd put them all on top of his body, and nothing! He'd stay asleep. I make my Misty dance now, lol, when she's asleep, like with her paws. I love messing with sleeping kitties! lol it's so funny!
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