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Hepatic Lipidosis/ Feeding Tube

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Is anyone else dealing with a feeding tube? My little girl has been diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis, and we took her home from the AMC this past Friday... this is so hard. I'm trying so hard to stay strong for her but I'm having such a hard time keeping it together. I just want to hear from someone who has been through this that it will get better. She is totally uninterested in eating, so we are feeding through the tube... sometimes it stays down, sometimes it does not. Any words of encouragement???
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Hi. Welcome to TCS. I'm sorry you're going through this with your girl.

I don't have experience with Hepatic Lipidosis. I do know that it is a very trying ordeal to get through. I have read of many cats on this site that have fought it successfully, though.

Hopefully someone with some experience will come along shortly.
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Hi Zeesa, welcome to TCS!

A few years ago my youngest cat contracted a virus which affected his appetite. We also went to AMC. Though he didn't have hepatic lipidosis, it was a concern, so as a preventive measure and of course, to help him get the nutrition he needed, he was given a feeding tube. We were *very* lucky in that the feeding tube "jump started" his appetite, and was removed only 2 days later. Since your kitty already has the condition, I would think this will be a longer process for her. I know it must seem like an eternity already, but she's only had it a few days.

What type of tube does your girl have? Our little guy had the one that went in through a nostril.

Please go to this website - it will help you. www.assistfeed.com
It's for assist-feeding cats, which includes both syringe feeding (which I do for my 18 year old cat with liver disease) and tube feeding. People have written about their experiences with both kinds of feeding and I think you'll feel better when you read their stories.
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I'm so sorry your little girl is ill. I've been thru the forced-feeding routine with 3 kitties, so have more experience with it than I ever dreamed I'd have. (I know some folks prefer the term "assisted feeding" but believe me, it was forced!)
None of mine had a feeding tube; I fed them with a syringe 4-5x daily. I know how frustrated you feel when your girl can't keep the food down; has the vet given her anything for nausea &/or vomiting? If not, definitely ask for something.
For some reason, once a cat stops eating it's as if they don't remember how to start again. I was told that it can take 6-8 weeks for a cat to resume eating on their own. The most important thing is--don't give up. You've just begun this journey, and it will take some time. Your girl is going to need you to stay strong for her, as you are the only thing keeping her going.

There's a thread in the archives somewhere, I believe the kitty's name was Beazy. Do a search for those posts. You'll get a good idea of what you're facing. Keep us posted on your girl's condition, and vent when you need to (and there will be days you'll definitely need to!), and ask advice. You little one CAN recover, but she can't do it without you.
Best of luck to you and your sweet girl.
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Thank you everyone... I'm actually at work today, but my boyfriend just called in to report to me that she had a very successful feeding. And that she even went to the litter box ( something she hasn't done on her own). So I'm feeling hopeful again, but gosh what a roller coaster ride this has been.
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Zeesa So many hugs for you, your boyfriend and your sweet kitty girl! I am so sorry you all are having to go through this.

I have been down the road your on. Unfortunately, in my sweet Fletcher's case we could not save him. His hepatic lipidosis was not identified until it was very far advanced. By the time the tube was set his digestive system had already shut down, this was a month after he first became ill.

The fact that your sweetie is keeping at least some feedings down and today went to the litter box on her own is WONDERFUL!!!!! I know how hard this is, but please keep your spirits up. I really think you can turn things around. When caught early HL can be treated very successfully.

When I was going through this (7 years ago) I had read stories where kitties were on feeding tubes for up to six months.....but they recovered and lived healthy happy lives.

Do you know why your girl developed HL in the first place?

I will be sending lots of bright healing thoughts your way.
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Sorry to hear about baby... that must have been terrible for you.

It's very hard to say how she first developed it... there is no real way of knowing. I think that it may have started when my boyfriend and I went away on vacation for a week. As a last resort we had to leave her at the Pet Hotel... she may have been depressed, ate less, etc... So I think that's when it all started. That was about 6 or 7 weeks ago. She was eating just fine when we brought her home up until 2 weeks ago.

She's had two great feedings in a row... so we are feeling really positive.

Thanks to everyone for the support!!
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