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Milk of Magnesia?

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Question: What is milk of magnesia good for?

Reason I ask is that yesterday B had gotten ill...errr...from both ends. He's been taking Phillips Laxative because it has Milk of Magnesia.

He tried to throw it to me a few weeks ago when I was ill from err..my bottom. I refused to take it and even drove myself around the corner to the drug store for some Pepto.

Am I wrong on its use???
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It is used as an antacid and a laxative. In the hospital it's used primarily as a laxative though.

Contrary to the name, there is no "milk" in it. The "magnesia" part is because it has magnesium in it.

Also, people who have kidney trouble shouldn't take this because of the magnesium in it which can build up in the blood in those who have poor kidney function.

If you had diarrhea, then you definitely didn't want to be taking Milk of Magnesia. That would have made it much, much worse.

Another use for Milk of Magnesia is for superficial burns. If you burn yourself on the oven door while taking something out of the oven, steam burns, sunburn, irritated skin from stomach acids if you have a feeding tube and it happens to leak, etc. Just apply the thick liquid to the area and leave it as a thin layer (don't rub it in). It's soothing and really promotes healing.

EDIT: here is a link where you can get more information if you need it. While it's an over the counter medication, that doesn't mean it's safe to take by the truck load, and just like with prescription medication you need to be cautious while taking it and how it interacts with other medications that you are taking.

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Thank you!!!

I wondered why anyone would take a laxative for diarriah.
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Yeah, that would be the last thing to take if you already have diarrhea...talk about an eruption!!!! For diarrhea, I find that Immodium works really well.
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