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what else could be causing ongoing diarreah?

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I've had my kitten for about 3 weeks. He is 13 weeks old. His stool was fine when I got him. I use the same food as the breeder did. He isn't getting anything. He started getting diarreah after a couple of days. We took him to vet, he got Ampicillin shot, had fecal test which didn't show anything. Dr was concerned about possible coccidia and started him on Albon. He's been on Albon for 2 weeks. The diarreah got a little bit better and I stopped the Albon after 14 days. Now he has the diarreah again. He eats and drinks well and is active and loving still. What else could it be? Can I restart the Albon or is that not good once I've already stopped?
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meant to say he "isn't getting INTO anything"~
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In light of the pet food recalls... is he eating any of those? If not, you might try giving him 1/2 teaspoon or so of plain, unsweetened yogurt once or twice a day, especially since he's on antibiotics.

Hope your little one is better soon.
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Grain, dry food, a rapid food switch....all of these things can cause chronic diarrhea. Perhaps he has IBS or IBD. Has he seen a vet?

Grains, beef and fish are the most common cat allergens. Try doing an all-wet, grain free diet. I recommend Evanger's, Wellness, or Nature's Variety Prairie.
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Maybe he is over eating which can cause diarrhea.
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kittens can go thru soft stool fazes.. I would talk with your vet... what is he eating???
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Sonic went through a phase like that when we first brought him home at 13 weeks old... exactly the same circumstances - no diet change, nothing he could have gotten into....

If it is just a bit soft, I would say it's just a fairly normal kitten phase (they do have sensitive little tummies at that age!) and nothing to be too concerned about. If on the other hand it is watery, or chronic diarroah, or frequent, or goes on for long, I would seek a second opinion.

Has he been wormed? If so was it recent and was it something you got from the vet? Worming treatment can cause soft stools for a few days in my experience, also worming treatments don't always get rid of all parasites on the first go, and as I am sure you are aware (but it never hurts to mention it ) OTC medicines bought from the pet store are innefective and could be toxic, and for a small kitten the dose needs to be calculated by weight, always have them wormed by your vet.
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I had this trouble with one of my foster kittens. Tried just about every trick I could think of then the director recommended trying some amoxicillian, sometimes the kittens have managed to pick up a bacteria in the gut that's persistent. 2 doses of amoxicillian and she had her first solid poop in over 3 weeks.

You could also try getting some bene-bac or other supplement with acidophilius or good gut bacteria too.
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