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My 2 year old purebred cat just gave birth to her first litter of 3 kittens on Sunday morning. Her whole pregnancy and labor was normal with no problems luckily. However, I noticed yesterday and the day before little drops of blood on the carpet and bed where she lays. I looked under her tail and noticed there was some dried blood by her vagina. Then last night there was a little bit of blood oozing out (not flowing). I wiped her clean and I haven't seen any blood since.
I am assuming that her vagina was stretched a bit during the birth. She jumps up on the furniture to look out the window when she isn't nursing the kittens so maybe she is stretching it more when it should be healing? Is this normal or should I deal with this as an emergency matter? I do plan to take her to the vet in the next couple of weeks for a check up unless the bleeding continues over the next two days. If I call the vet he is just going to tell me to bring her in and then charge me all kinds of money to look at her.