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Hi guys, I can't believe it but Dee Dee's babies are nearly 3 weeks old now, and of course i now have to start thinking about weaning them. I have read books about what to start off with but i would love some advice from people here. So please could i have as much advice as possible........thank you xx

Claire x
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At 3 weeks, you hardly have to start weaning's much too early. What you do, is once they hit around 4.5 - 6 weeks, you leave a very shallow dish or lid of a mix of KMR and a bit of canned wet kitten food out for them to investigate, and hopefully, they'll at least try it. Do this once every 3-4 hours, and gradually each day, add a bit more warm mushed up canned wet kitten food, and reduce the amount of KMR. You can even leave out a bit of dry kitten kibble in a lid (soaked in a bit of warm water to soften it), but don't leave this laying around for more than an hour or two at a time due to bacteria.

Good luck...weaning is surprisingly easy, but it's still too soon at 3 weeks for them to not be nursing. In fact, many litters will still be nursing at 5's not uncommon.
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oh no i didnt mean put them on solid food completely at 3 weeks. I just read in books that u offer them a little kmr warmed up in a bowl once a day for a few days and then with a little baby rice once a day, but absolutely not restrict their mothers milk!! If you think 3 weeks is too early then thats absolutely fine. Any other opinions would be brilliant.
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I would wait a few more weeks you will see them interested in moms food when ready
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Well, when you put it like that, that would be fine, just to spark their interest in eating from a shallow dish. I'd warm a bit of that KMR, and set it out for a bit in a really shallow lid...see if they sniff or lap it. You never may have some early-bloomers. Just supervise them when it's set out, for safety reasons.
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i never did anything with lillys , they started to eat there mums food at about 4 weeks of age , so i just added a small amount of warm boiled water to the wet and the dry food. they tucked in when they was ready to . i never used kmr unless i have to hand raise kittens, good luck lol
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I never weaned my barn kittens or pedigrees till 5-6 weeks old - they really have no interest in eating food - maybe a little nibble, but nothing like mom's milk.

Wait till they are a minimum of 5 weeks old. Then offer some canned kitten food ( small amount) mixed with some warm water to make it mushy. I would take mom out of the room, put the canned food on a flat paper plate and then kinda line the kittens up and put some food on my fingers (at first) to see if they would taste it. Some took it right away, some had to have a little food rubbed on their mouth or tongue to get them used to it. I would take it slowly - within 2 weeks all the kittens were chowing down. Some kittens will refuse to eat solids for a few days - keep offering them some every meal (2-3 times a day).

You WILL have very messy kittens when they walk thru the food - be prepared to have a warm wash cloth for cleaning feet after each meal. And make sure you are feeding them on a washable surface - NOT carpet!
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I feel if the kittens can stay and nurse from mom till 9-12 weeks that is best. Mom will start to urge them to food or like mine did they saw interest in moms so they dove in
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thanks for all the advice guys!!! I'm definately gonna hold off for a couple of weeks i think. They are 3 weeks old tomorrow and they are thriving. They can walk pretty well now (the look of determination on their faces is adorable!!) They are mesmerised by the dog and my other cat Simba is coming round to them aswell. They have fitted in so nicely here i just wish i could keep them both. The little black boy still doesnt have a home so its a strong possiblity he'll stay but my little tabby girl has a home now. I would've loved to keep her actually because as she is growing she is getting more beautiful. I will post recent pics soon. She is going to be long haired i think. She is certainly fluffier than her brother which makes her look bigger but he is actually heavier than her. I can't put the new owner off now though as she is my boss at work!! could be a situation of another mouth to feed and unemployed!! Just have to squash my feelings and let her go. She will certainly be well looked in her new home, thats a certainty.
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trust me the kittens will eat solids before ya know it Like when we have babies.
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weaning is really simple. You have kitten food out constantly for the mother I hope right? Just keep the bowl full and the mother will do everything. It is not some major thing you have to do unless you notice 5-6 weeks has hit and they have not even glanced at the kitten food, but they have instincts to follow mom and will do so. It is the same with littertraining, the mother will do it if she is a good mother.
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Hi, yes i am feeding Dee Dee on demand right now so there is always food available. She is a fantastic mum so i'm sure she'll guide them when they are ready. thanks for all the advice guys!!!!
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