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Fred caught the mouse!

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He was so proud tonight when I came home. He caught a mouse. I'm hoping it was the one they kept staring at under the fridge. He's a bit upset now because he can't find it. I removed it as I didn't want him losing it under furniture and it smelling later in the week.
He's such a good boy! Now his rent has been paid off!!

I hope this doesn't offend anyone. Fred was only doing what came naturally to him. The mouse probably died a quick death.........better than if I caught it in a trap on my own!
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeek lol!!

My ferals have brought me rats before
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at least he caught it and its not running about anymore i would prefer if it was caught and killed

sorry but i hate mice and rats.

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Whoa, I honestly didn't belive there really was a mouse. That'll teach me to not trust a cat.

Good job, Fred!
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Go Fred
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Yikes! I thought I was going to see a fake mouse!

Go Fred!
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Yay, Fred!!!!

Ari let's his sit under the fridge to mummify. Extends playing value and freaks my sister out when she walks into our kitchen.
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Even though I did have 3 as pets one time years ago..but they smell.
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hey a cat doing a bit of work - so whats the going rate ?
$1 per mouse or maybe a new cat-nip toy
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Fred bought you a gift!
My sadly departed Cat Skittles would bring me baby birds in the spring which were still alive but definalty not happy. I used to freak out and then spend half the day looking for the nest she had robbed them from.
Gotta loves our kitties!
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Go Fred!!!!
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I wasn't expecting a real mouse! Last mouse Maia caught, I had to kill it, it was quick. She just wanted to play, and play, it was her slave for 2 days! She kept loosing it, so we trapped it in the closet together, team work, and I put it out of its misery It was to cold out to drop it outside........
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that is much better then the kitty bringing you a headless mouse, and You never do find where the head went.
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I see when I was away Fred took over as 'Man of the house" !
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Oh, GO FRED!!!: clap: What a clever boy!!!!

You will be safe forever now!!!
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I just hope he had some time to play with it before I came home and discovered it.
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