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I got a new camera!!!

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We were at Best Buy today (looking for a tv to replace the tv/vcr combo my daughter stuffed with a few balls of playdo...but I digress...), and I stopped and asked my DH if we could take a minute to look at the cameras, as mine was pushed off the counter by...a cat...and the zoom button is broken. He found a camera that was on clearance (the floor model) because someone had thrown away the box (with all the accessories). It was normally around $270 to $290, and they had it on sale for $149, plus a free $100 gift card! Woo hoo! Thank you, Lord! I downloaded the owner's manual off the internet, and it takes the same card as my old camera... It's a Lumix DMC-LZ5 , 6.0 with a 6x zoom and image stablization :


Oh, and if you have one of these, do you use the alkaline or rechargable batteries with it? We are trying to decide which to do...
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Wow! Thats a good deal!

The rechargable batteries are amazing, I use them for my camera, they are graet
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thats a great deal i always used the alkaline batteries in my one and in the other we had rechargable batteries and I know my brother uses rechargable batteries, and we got a new camera recently which came with its own battery and its a rechargable one and it works like nothing else i was surprised at how long the batteries lasting...I havent charged it once and i had it a few weeks already
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Gotta love a bargin!
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