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Litter Locker supplies drying up locally...

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For some reason I can't find Litter Locker refills locally anymore. None at Wal Mart and none at Petsmart. Is this happening to anyone else? They aren't discontinuing them, are they?

I looked back through old threads and found www.petguys.com sells them for $5.49. Any place else you would recommend getting them from?
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I get them from our local Pet Club - I bought about 6 of them last time (they were cheaper in bulk) which we're still going through, so haven't tried in a while.

With the 3 kitties, and being in a townhouse complex, it's a real pain to scoop regularly and take the waste out to the bins, so the litter locker is FANTASTIC. I hope they don't stop making the refills!

Hmm just looked on the Petco website, and the litter locker as well as the refills are on special - that's a sure sign they're trying to get rid of them!

The petguys onces are cheap!! The cheapest I've seen is close to $8 - I think I might stock up on them....
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i'll be stocking up - my local store sells them for 12$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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Don't say that! I have been buying refills at Wal-Mart with no problems. The Litter Locker is still listed on the PetMate website, so I certainly hope it is not being discontinued
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i just purchased 4 refills....it is costing me ten less dollars than if i had gone to the store to get them
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I've always ordered them from Petguys, but I recently got rid of my litter locker because it smells SO bad now it stinks up my whole house
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I use to buy it from petguys.com but with tax and shipping, it came out to be around 8 dollars so I found another website valleyvet.com that sells it even cheaper. It's 6.25 each (free shipping). I just bought 6 and it arrived in perfect well packaged condition.

I use to order a lot of things from petguys.com but because of my recent horrible experience with them, I no longer order from them. They shipped my order to the wrong place. Not to mention, they show no sign of any apology. When they finally traced the packaged and delivered it to me, the box was open. Petguys.com warehouse is located an hour away from me yet it took them 5 days after it was delivered to the wrong address to redeliver it to me. Very disappointed......If you live in the bay area, go to pet club. The price there is almost the same as petguys.com. In fact, it was them who told me they get their products through pet club.
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