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My Sassy has started to lose her loving ways!
She'd always jump into my lap but now she just runs away and doesn't play like she used to, well, not as much.
She is going to be a year old on March 22.
I know that some of you have gone through the same.
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Have you considered that it might be a health reason? Remember cats don't show pain or illness all the time.
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My cat used to play, play, play ALL the time!! It wore me out watching her! As she's gotten older, she doesn't play as much, but I find that if I entice her to play, she's interested. It's a great bonding time. Also, brushing her is a good time to bond as well. She loves it! Are you interacting with your kitty as much as before?

I've noticed that when the weather starts warming up, my kitties are less snuggly. Guess they don't crave the extra warmth from sharing body heat.

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I think they do change their behaviour as they move from kitten, upto toddler then teenage, then adult I am sure she'll still want lots of cuddles and play-time but when shes in the mood
Sometimes they can be moody, maybe if you have ignored her as she might perceive it, then she can give you the cold-shoulder in return
As long as everything else is in order, eating, loo etc then I am sure its just a phase of growing up
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I am going to them a brush. (I have 3, Sassy, Mixy and Tomky).
Maybe it is because I was paying more attention to Mixy as she was going through her spay.
Thank you all for your replies!
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