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Natura (Innova & California Natural) is the only company I know of that doesn't outsource their food production. The other brands that claim to have no by products are suspect to me now. Before yesterday, I thought Nutro made their own food. They are a big enough company after all. If Menu Foods will switch suppliers to save a buck, who is to say they don't fudge the ingredients too?

Does anyone know if Wellness/Old Mother Hubbard or Blue Buffalo makes their own food?

Another scary thing is that Menu Foods makes people food too (although in a separate area from where pet foods are produced).
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i hope to GOD wellness doesn't come on this list as this is what stoli lives on.
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I just returned all of the nutro pouches we had left and I got Wellness and a few cans of FROMM which i havent heard of before but the ingrediant list looks ok to me but iam no expert and it doesnt include wheat gluten the first 5 ingrediants are Tuna, Chicken, broth, potatoe starch, Tomato paste, calcium citrate, taurine. is this ok
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Well I just recently switched Gizmo over to Nuto Max Roasted Chicken. So I checked the bag and I didn't see wheat gluten as an ingrediant so until I hear more about this I'm not going to worry too much about the dry food.

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I was at the vet last week for a routine check up, and I was told to try to wean my kit's off dry as much as possible and feed mostly wet, because wet is a lot better for them! I could use dry to suppliment, but wet is definately better!
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Petfood Express, one of the largest pet food chain in California, has discontinued selling all wet food except Canidae, Chick Soup, Natural Balance and Castor & Pollux.

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