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Ok so right now I am at mu brothers, I went to help him today at work and well that was an all day thing all on its own, and well we got back around 7 went out to eat because it was me, my brother, his wife, and my nephew...than we came back here and well my mom was supposed to babysit tomarrow the kids...well guess wat I am and now I am sleeping over and she was hoping that thats what was going to happen because "she has to much to do tomarrow" mind u i have a million things to do including alot of school things and in less than 2 weeks and welll i took today off thinking i would be there tonite to do some and what not! But my mom was like well u babysit for this is the 2nd time I am doing this for her and well same reason from her last time and wat did she end up doing she went out for the day shopping with her friend see my brother does like to give me breaks from the kids and its hard to watch all 3 by myslef u know and for numerous just so mad right now because my mom always pulls this on me and she said shes gonna make my brother bring me home at a certain time which she cant because my sil is trying to become catholic because they want a big wedding and everything and well she has to go to church and tomarrow they have to go to marriage classes even though they been married for 4 years now my brother told the priest that but they have to go to this class which is 4 hours long

something real odd happened tho my dad asked me if I watched the pitt game which i did a little bit he knew we went to applebees and well i end up watching games well im out

sorry everyone needed to rant a little bit