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My new cat is not eating

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I just got a new cat from the shelter (she is about five years old) and she isn't eating (either type of food I put out). She's been here for 24 hours, and I don't think she's had food or water. She wasn't eating much at the shelter either. She is a little shy, but doesn't seem overly stressed. I'm a little worried because the person who dropped her off said she was coughing. I haven't heard any, and the shelter staff didn't either, but she is sort of gulping once in a while.

Any ideas?
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Hello jeordiew - I think you should take your new cat to the vet. She may have an upper respiratory infection, maybe something else. It's not a good sign when they don't eat.
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Where is she in your home? I would confine her to a comfy bedroom or laundry room or someplace small with her litterbox and food and water nearby. Offer some wet food for her too. Leave her there so she gets used to the small, quiet space. Leave soft music playing to soothe her and relax a bit. If she doesn't drink soon i would start to worry she will dehydrate. Eating isn't as bad, give that a day or two.

Suddenly dropping her in a large house, even a small one really is more space then she is used to. It will overwhelm her aand make her nervous.
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A vet visit is definitely a good idea. Is she confined to one room? Can you try finger-feeding her some canned cat food or baby food (as long as it doesn't have onion powder) to see if she'll eat it? It's not uncommon for a new cat to be too stressed to eat the first day or so, but if she wasn't eating at the shelter either, this may be cause for concern. Has she used the litterbox at all? Does she show signs of dehydration (sunken eyes, sticky gums, skin that doesn't have its normal elasticity)?
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Something that works sometimes is light tuna in water, don't drain it. Just a little at first, you can even add a little water. Maybe shes still nervous.....but I would take her to the vet first thing monday if no change.......
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Oh I forgot to mention her mouth and teeth! Check them, there may be a good reason why she isnt' eating. I bet it is just stress but I would check her mouth too. If her teeth are really dirty or her gums are inflammed and red and puffy, she needs a dental quick! You should start considering dentals around 5-7 years old anyways depending on the condition of the teeth.
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