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Do you know how a cat gives a kiss?

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with it's eyes.

at different times during the day, and with different cats,
it happens, they all send their kiss and i smile and i kiss them back.

it's the softest gesture that they do, that i have ever seen. when they look at you - right at you,
and gently close their eyes, almost, but not completely, like a slow motion blink. then again a few more times...
blink, blink, blink.

when i return the gesture they seem to smile knowingly.

it fills my heart, and i wonder if your cats do the same with you?

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Mine do. Tiger has a way of rolling onto his back, exposing pudge-tummy for a rub and looking at me with THAT look, but upside down.

Socrates kind of tilts his head as he's scratched and gives this same look. Oh, yes, I'm well aware of that look.

It's the look of appreciation and unconditional love. If all the people of the world were this way, there would be no viloence.
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i know exactly what look you are talking about!

i LOVE it. makes my heart swell up
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All of my cats will do that, but my boys are more likely to touch noses with me!

BTW, the kittens are doing great! They have taken over I think lol! Wiggles and Buell are both perfectly happy to sit on my lap, but Samson is a big mama's boy and cries whenever he's not right by her. They've been having a blast!
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Lily does the same thing. She will be sitting off somewhere and I will look at her and just like slow motion she closes her eyes and opens back up still staring at me. I return the gesture. It is so sweet. I does also make my heart melt.

She also gives me kitty kisses right smack on the lips. She has done this since she was a baby. She just presses her lips up to mine. It is really funny.
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Michaela loves to exchange those slow-blink "I love you" greetings with me! Tonya, on the other hand, is more inclined to come close and meow for some rubs — purring all the while.

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i thought it was something that almost every cat did, and
i'm glad it is, as it's the sweetest gesture i have ever seen.
we are all so lucky.

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Al my cats have done that same thing, Blue. It is one of the sweetest looks. Tigger would also come right up to me and head butt me on the forehead. That was the thing I loved the most about my little Tigger.
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YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is one of the sweetest moments that can be shared between a a person and their cat!!!!!!!!

I love it!!!!!
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Dearest Katie,
I'm so glad you brought up such a beautiful thread! Yes, all of my cats do that...however; Opie has another way...he actually kisses me with his whole face and he licks my nose...what a love all of them, I couldn't be more happy! :
This thread made me smile so much! Wow...what a great feeling!

Love and God Bless!
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My cat Sammy loves to kiss me. He has the roughest tongue and loves to kiss my eyelids! It hurts but I wouldn't trade it for anything. He also "makes bread" in my head. I don't know if it is my hair that he likes or what but that too is awfully sweet. My other cat Billy like to kiss my nose which just melts my heart.
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Oh this is so cute!!! How could I forget about the muffin makers! LOL Michelerad, thanks for bringing that up, my Opie does the same thing to my hair! We're all so fortunate to love and to be loved.
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When cats do that massaging thing to us, they're saying "I knead you!"

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could teach our cats to scratch our backs? With those nails?
My Jake kisses me too. At first I thought he was licking something tasty of me.
What is funny is I would be lying still in my bed all covered up to my neck. Jake would jump on the bed, walk all over my body until he reaches my head. Then he would kiss me.
Also, when I come home from school or the store, I would go in and you can tell he is glad to see me. When he starts to purr is when is time for me to give him loves.
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Opie and I have such a bond...I do with my others but he seems to communicate with me more and therefore hangs out with me alot. At nite time...we go to bed and he lies on my chest while I rub his head and we give each other those cat looks that Blue talks about. I did read or hear that this is how they show love and affection...through their eyes. But, sometimes, I'll play a joke on him and hide under the's so funny...he tries to dig me side then the next, at my head. If I don't come out...he'll sit there and"YOWL"...too funny!

Thought I'd just share that...sumpin cute!
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This is one of the best threads on here...I'm reviving it.

My boy, Pepper, is so funny. After I take a shower, he insists on me picking him up when I'm still in a towel, and he rubs his cheek all over mine... to put his scent back on me. He's very persistent and will continue to put his front paws up on me from the bed until I pick him up and let him do his thing. I just love how he does that. He always lets me know when he wants to be picked up because he'll put his front paws up on me. Last night he did that eye-closing thing, and it was sweet now that I know what it means.

His sister, Honey, is very funny. She only likes to be held so she can explore and sniff things higher up. She doesn't like to be held when there's nothing to explore, but when I watch TV, she sometimes sleeps on me. I also know she loves me because she lets me pick up her kittens without getting mad. And if the kitten starts to cry, she'll meow at me until I put it back, but not in an angry way... more of a gentle "Hey, would you mind giving that kitten back to me?". She also likes to flop onto the floor belly-up... but she doesn't like her belly scratched... I guess she's just being playful.

She's also a great hunter. I always thought she was a bad hunter until I learned that's how they do it. She always finds the cockroaches that used to wander into the house before I do, and she'll bat them around and carry them in her mouth... a slow torture until it dies. Unfortunately for me, she ends up pulling most of the legs off, and sometimes I find little roach legs. Very gross, but it beats me having to spray chemicals on them which could harm my kitties.

Some people just don't understand how wonderful cats are... how graceful they are, how their little tails seem to flow behind them when they walk...

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Great post! Thank you for the wonderful little stories!

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LOL I know exactly how my Ariel gives me a kiss...she follows me to the bathroom every morning, jumps on the toilet tank and licks the side of my face until I am done..LOL
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Well Kittykitty kisses all over! She does the eye kisses, the licking kisses, the nibble kisses, and the "rub my face all over yours" kiss! I love them all!
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This is one of the best threads on here...I'm reviving it.

thanks crimson, for reviving this thread, it was always a favourite of mine
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I could wink at Satey and he would wink right back, but he doesn't do this anymore.

Blue, I always return the favor when he lowers his eyelids. It's a beautiful gesture from a cat.
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Awwwww....I love when they blink at you! I never forget to do the same and I think my cat's in love with me! LOL Opie is anyway, the others love me too, but it's just not the same. We are all one big happy kitty family though and I'M SO HAPPY BECAUSE I MAY BE GETTING A NEW KITTY!!!! He's a feral, he's very young and he's blind. I'm not quite sure if that's his condition permanently, that's why I would like to get him asap before this condition worsens...Your prayers would be most grateful that this guy will realize that he can't take care of all these cats and the little kitty needs immediate medical attention.

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I wish you the best. I have a great respect for people who take in ferals and socialize them. It takes a special person to socialize them. I've done it and I feel terrific afterwards. It creates a special bond between person and cat. I think you'll have great success.

God bless you!

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Oh Catarina.... I do hope you get the little kitty!! And I hope it is not permenantely blind....but even if it is, I know it will have such a good, loving home with you!! Please let us know!!!!!!

Crimson....I live on a farm, so sometimes we have roaches wander in, even though I have a nice home, and feel so embarrassed that they are there sometimes....but Merlin will catch them and do the "slow torture" thing too them also!! He doesn't eat them though...but at least he slows them down so I can kill them!!! He does eat flies though...silly cat.
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Mine does the same thing! Recently I found their entry point and sealed it off, so I haven't had one since. (I have a very unhealthy fear of roaches!) I'm glad she does it, though, because it means I don't have to kill them or discover them. She always found them first.

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Crimson...I'm terrified of them, too!!!!!! But on their occasional least I know Merlins quick eye will catch them, and then so will he! (except when they are on the ceiling!!) Iccccccckkkkkkkk
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When I blow a kiss to my Indy he will close his eyes half way very slowly. If I do it 3 times he does it back 3 times, etc.
Now my Isis will bump & rub her nose to my nose. I have to be careful because she like to give little love bites on my nose, & her baby kitty teeth are very sharp!:laughing:
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