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My Cats eye looks terrible

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My cat Tiger's left eye looks very bad. He was fine this morning and early this afternnoon. We came home andI called the kitties for dinner and he seemed
a little down..not his jumpy self. I looked at him and his eye is full of white pus and it looks cloudy. I cleaned it with a wet cotton ball and I did not see
a hole or laceration. it is not bleeding. My vet is closed,I tried to call him and i do not trust these 24 hour emergencies. They are crazy for what they charge to go see them. If he was bleeding or in pain I would go...but he seems just quiet. I wonder if he got into a tussle with one of the other kitties and got a good scratch to the eye. I have antibiotic ointment, but I am scared to try it without consulting a vet. I would love to declaw the kitties but there are alot of feral cats around here and other wildlife and I am afraid that if one gets out by accident,they would not have a shot to protect themselves.
Any advice?
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I would just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse then consult a vet. Just a basic cat antibiotic ointment is probably fine as long as it is one for cats and just plain ointment. Not medicated or anything. Keep cleaning it with a cotton ball a couple times a day.

Please don't declaw your kitties. Even if there were no ferals around, there are other wild animals, stray dogs, other peoples outdoor cats, unruly kids, bad people, etc. Declawing is illegal in almost every other country for a reason. It is incredibly cruel and painful to put an animal through. If they weren't meant to have claws they wouldn't come with them. They are used to stratch, scratch, leave their scent, and defence. Use Soft Claws if there are any problems and keep their claws trimmed.
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When we first adopted Roxie she had an eye infection. Her eye was slightly closed and had lots of gook in the corners as well as the eye itself. It was also a little cloudy. It was apparently part of an upper respiratory infection that she had (she was found in a parking lot of a Petco). She has had this happen about twice more since we've had her. When we adopted her they gave us some of that eye ointment and we would put it in her eye about 2X a day until it cleared up. Kinda sounds like your situation -- Like Jen said, I would just keep an eye on it. Keep it clean and apply the ointment. Hopefully it will clear up in no time. Sending healthy vibes for Tiger!
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there are quite a few ointments, what is the brand of the one you have?
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Gosh, I hate to be the pesimistic bad news bearer .......But.....

If your kittie's eye is cloudy/white/blue looking in the eyeball that is an absolute emergency. That is protein build up in the eye called Uveitis and your kitty can go blind if not treated immediately. When this comes on rapidly it is often caused by blunt force trauma to the eye which causes swelling...which causes the protein build up.

I had the same thing happen when I was in college. Meiko was fine in the morning, and when I got home from class. However, when I got home from work his one eye was goopy and cloudy. I too had to take him to the emergency vets, but it was well worth the trip. The vet thought my kitty must have run into a corner or something while playing. He did not have any scratches on his eye, nor was he holding it shut. Treatment was simply, steroid drops that reduced the inflammation.

However the vet said if I had waited he most likely would have lost his eye. So I say better safe than sorry and at least call the Emergency vets and see if they think you should bring your kitty in.

Sending vibes that it isn't anything serious
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Yes, I'd consider it an emergency, too. Cats generally do everything they can to conceal it when they're in pain, because instinct tells them not to reveal weakness -- so your kitty may very well be suffering, and Monday could be too late.

Also... I hope you will heed Jen's plea not to declaw. It's a cruel mutilation that can cause the cat pain for the rest of his life; it often causes a drastic change in the cat's personality; and it's one of the top causes of behavioral problems later on, including aggressiveness and refusing to use the litterbox.

The word "declawing" may not sound all that bad, but what it really is is the amputation of the last joint of each toe. That's not something you want to do to a loved one.

I hope your kitty's eye will be all right! Good luck!
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I've personally had Uveitis and its really painful. Any type of light feels like your eye is being scraped with a razor blade. Any yes, if not taken care of a person or animal can go blind very quickly. It took predisone to get rid of it. The pain was aweful. Take your cat to the vet, he's probably miserable.
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I hope you can get Tiger to the vet ASAP as it sounds quite nasty, also if he is being 'quiet' that is a sign that he is not feeling well and may be in pain.

Also I echo what others have said, please do not consider declawing your kitties. It is inhumane and illegal almost everywhere.
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I looked up Uveitis and his eye looks nothing like that. It does look like conjuctivitis. He is a very curious cat and gets into everything. I kitty-proofed the house but the other day he ripped open a bag of catnip I got in a box with a scratchpost. I do notlet them have catnip..heard bad things. I wonder if he got some in his eyes. He is going to the vet at 8 monday morning. He did eat his treats. It is in both eyes now which makes me beleive it might be upper respitory or just conjuctivitis. I am keeping a close eye on him.
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We took Tiger to the vet first-thing this morning. He has an upper respitory infection. So he is now on antibiotic and on eyedrops. My vet scolded stop getting cats cuz I bring in a virus each time and get all the kitties sick. I am treating all four cats...just to be safe.
No Uveitis..thank god
He told me first to let the virus take its course..I insisted on meds, just to nervous still because of Kitty Girl.

Thanks for the good Vibes
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Aww that is good to know that you figured out what was wrong with the little guy! Sending Tiger hugs that he feels better soon!!
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