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There is a girl at work who is pregnant (last person on earth who deserves to have a baby, but maybe she'll realize after he's born that not everything is about her, now everything is about the baby!)

There was a little baby. 7 weeks old, being taken care of what must have been the grandparents (but you never know, right?) and the little one starting crying, the kid was red and purple in the face screaming. The girl who was pregnant, in all her attitude says "I can tell you, my kid ain't never gonna be that red in the face. Mmhmm, uh-uh."

I didn't know how to tell her that some kids cry... and there's nothing you can do sometimes but let them cry.
Yeah, I know lots of people who don't have kids yet who think their kids will be perfect little angels, and they will be perfect parents.

And where is that shelter where you can adopt out your kids??? I'll be there! (Definitely wouldn't want to volunteer at that kind of shelter)