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Foster Cat and her babies-Question

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I have a new foster cat as of today. She is a little tabby, estimated to be about 8 months old...she delivered 5 kittens on Wednesday. AS of Wed, she was reported to have been taking care of them nicely...today she seems a little off.
I thought Mom cats were very hesitant to leave their babies. Only to eat or use the litter box. When I brought them in, she came out of the kennel and explored and doesn't seem to be phased or react to their crying. They were here for at least an hour before I coaxed her to the bed they were in. The two times I have gone in the room she is kind of off by herself and they are all snuggled up together. When I left the room she tried to leave with me.
I would have thought she would be more protective of them....wondering if she is just stressed from her move from the shelter, is it her young age, or is this completely normal. She did nurse them when I put her in bed with them, but no grooming going on so far...and I noticed several of them still have umbilical cords, so I don't think she effectively cleaned them off after birth.

Thanks for your help,
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Well my cat just had kittens yesterday and she doesn't leave them too often, but she leaves them to eat, use the litter box, and give herself a break or to get some attention from me, so it's not just to eat and use the litter box. She's a very good mom and runs back to them if she hears them crying, I've honestly never seen her run so fast, lol. She's around the same age as ur foster. It could be that since it's a new place she needs to explore and get used to it as her home, u know? But my misty does the same thing kind of, when she feels like they've eaten enough and they're sleeping, she'll leave them huddled up together and she either lay just outside of the box or she'll go eat, use the litter box, and the other things i said. The longest she'll leave them for is 15 minutes. I wouldn't be too worried, unless she completely ignores them, or keeps leaving them for long periods of time. I'm just talking from my recent experience, so i may be wrong. She may just need to get used to the new place and surroundings and asjust in a few days. I'd keep an eye on the situation if i were you, and if it seems to keep going on or like they're getting sick from it or anything then i'd find someone to call and see what can be done about it.
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first of there cords will come of in time by there selfs. mine are a week old and 1 still has her one on. secondly mum cats will leave the nest sometimes , but dont tend to ingore there crying , maybe it is because she is young , but i have heard of young mums coping very well . have you been keeping a check on there weight gain ? if not then start now . get a kitchen scales and weight each one at the same time every day , this way you will see if there putting weight on , if they are putting weight on then i wouldnt be worried , but if they start losing weight then is the time to worry.
if it dosnt look like she is cleaning them , then gently take a cotton ball put some warm water on it and gently wipe there bottoms to help them do to the toliet. mum normally does this but just in case she isnt might be worth trying it. maybe get some kmr in just in case she dosnt start feeding them , least this way you will be ready. good luck hope everything goes ok . keep us updated on how things go , also we like lots of pictures. and welcome to the site
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Ditto what Tasha said. Weigh them daily and make sure they are getting enough and not losing weight by Mom's aparent neglect. Also check their bottoms for eliminating..if Mom's not doing it, you'll have to do it until she takes over.

If they aren't losing weight and even gaining...then I wouldn't worry too much.
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yes weight them daily and the cords will come off. I am sure her age has a lot to do with tit. Give her attention when you can and just keep a good eye out
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