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The "Family"

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Here are just a few pictures of my babies. It was so hard to decide which ones to post because I have so many! I captioned them all so you know who's who.

Abigail is my baby.

Cleo is Abigail's sidekick.

Sheba is my mom's baby.

Izabella was my grandma's but is now my baby also - she's the half sister of Abigail.

Inky was my grandma's but is yet another one of my babies now. I call her Inky Stinky.
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ADORABLE!! Siamese cuties My favorite pic was the 2nd one with all the kitties trying to share the same catbed. What a charming kitty family you have
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Gorgeous colouring! I love the second shot too - look at them all piled in there!
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Aww they are all beautiful! Your heading makes them sound like little mafia kingpins
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o my what a bunch of cuties u have there just too cute
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aww what precious kitties you have.........all very sleepy ones too
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They are all beautiful! Lucky you!
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They are so beautiful
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