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Question about one of the kittens.....

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I was admiring Misty and her kittens right now , and i noticed that the dark tabby has a bent tail. i felt it and it's actually bent. Do you think it was formed like that or if it got bent during birth or something? Will it cause any problems with the kitten either now or later? I'll try to get a picture of it and post it so ya'll can see what I'm talking about.

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i know some cats have what is called a kink in the tail , something to do with gentics and who they mated with. i dont think it effects them as they grow but it will always be there , but i think sometimes it will sort its self out. if im wrong someone correct me.
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Thanks, i knew it was probably genetic, but i wanted to know if it was something to worry about, to keep an eye on, or to get checked out by a vet. But since u've heard of it and say it doesn't effect them then that eases my mind a lot! Thanks Tasha! It's just i had never seen or heard of that, and i don't think i've seen a kitty walking around with a bent tail I think it's kinda cute though lol
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You could call him/ her Bently. Haha, get it...Bent-ly
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aww! that's cute! i've gotta think about that, but that's awesome! lol that would be so cute! lol
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ok, i didn't wanna start a new thread just for this, so i'll post it here. 2 things:

1st, I'm loving the kitties! they r so funny already. they do everything at the same time! Eat, sleep, cry!! They even have the hiccups at the same time! lol it's so cute and funny, they'll be sleeping on top of eachother and u see one hiccup, the othe hiccups right after. I'm in love with them already and they're not even 2 days old! lol i dunno how i'm gonna be able to give them up!

2nd, I miss my Misty! lol I'm so used to her following me everywhere and sleeping right next to me and waking up in the morning wanting to cuddle! lol
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aww the kitties sound so adorable, no wonder you are falling in love with them bless hiccups together.....how sweet

My friend had a kitty with a kink in his tail, the vet said there are 2 reasons, genetics and also how the kitten lays in the womb........its rather cute aint it
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Interesting about the kink in the tail...I hardly think it's something to worry about, however.

Are you going to keep both of Misty's kittens?

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Thats the thing about kittens, you can't have just one
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one os Skittles was bent but as they got older u never noticed it.
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