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Wednesday DT

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MY ALARM CLOCK BATTERY DIED! We woke up about 1/2 an hour ago (we shut the phones off at 8:00pm when we have to get up at 3:30am....but that means no phones can ring in the morning to wake us up either). YAY!!!! I'm so happy. We both (accidentally) got LOTS of sleep. So we called to cancel all our appointments today, and we're working from home on this c-c-c-c-o-o-o-lldd day. At least the feral kitties outside have moved into the home we made for them - and except for Tuxedo, they're all getting along. That's a BIG relief. Even Munchkin is growing.
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...and thank you all SO much for your good wishes. I'm not a nervous nelly, and the swelling is all gone. So the way I figure it, if the antibiotics are working that fast, it HAS to be just an infection in the gland. Thanks,

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I am glad that the swelling has gone down, but make sure you still get it checked out! Pay day today - taht is always a reason to look forward to wake up in the morning. I finally slept last night - I had 10 nights in a row of insomia - only got about 2 hrs/night for 10 nights. Last night I got at least 5, and maybe 6! Woooooooohoooooooo. I really didn't want to get up this morning - I felt like I could have kept sleeping. Merlin made it difficult for me to fall asleep last night. He kept trying to get into the garbage and take out the shrink wrap from a CD (Faith Hill's Cry). He knocked the garbage over 3 times! Each time I had to go downstairs to make sure he didn't get in.

It is cold and damp in Toronto this week! Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and it started pouring on my way home. Luckily I had an umbrella, but it was almost raining sideways so I still got soaked!
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A yucky, rainy, cold day here. I went to the doctor yesterday, and hopefully I've FINALLY gotten the answer to the congestion I've had for weeks. I'm now on a steroid nasal spray, to help clear out everything. Well, it worked really well last night. I was sick from all of the stuff draining out of my head. But, I feel much better today and I can breathe!

I hope everyone has a good day, and get better soon Laurie!
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Glad to hear about the kitty Laurie

Well, I was supposed to be on duck duty this morning but because of the horrible weather, I even left early, I was just about late. So, I'm taking my lunch early, 10:30, so I can do duck duty.

I'll explain a little about "duck duty." I work in what is called the "Uptown Galleria" area of Houston. You could almost call it a sort of sub-downtown. Well, in the middle of the 3 building complex where I work there are 3 huge ponds where some ducks and geese have taken up residence. It's actually very beautiful out here; big trees and grass lawns.

Well, it's become very overcrowded because a lot of the ducks and geese are not here by choice. People who decide that it would be cute to have ducks/geese as pets get tired of them and dump them here at the ponds. So, because of the overcrowding they have started to go further out in search for food. However it is very dangerous if the ducks wander too far because then they run into busy streets.

So myself and 2 other ladies have become their "care takers." I basically just keep an eye out on them to make sure they seem healthy and that none are injured. One of the ladies regularly feeds them corn to keep them fed so that they don't go foraging out of the area for food. The 2 of them also take home any that are injured for rehabilitation. They are both very educated in regards to birds.

Well the lady who regularly feeds them went on vacation and asked me to feed them for her. So I bought a 40 lb bag of corn, so I could do the feedings. Well, because of the weather this morning I couldn't get here in time to feed them and they were all waiting for her in their little groups to be fed. I felt so bad but I'll be taking my lunch at 10:30 so hopefully they wont be too confused.

We have been having all sorts of yucky weather since the weekend and it's supposed to continue into this weekend. Enough already! I'm ready for some sunshine

I've got all my Halloween decorations out and I can't wait for the trick-or-treaters!
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My son, Mark, used to get those infections, too. At least once a year, I had to convince the school nurse that he didn't have mumps. If she had taken the time to look at his records, she would have known that he had been vaccinated and she would have seen that he got these infections, periodically.

Counting down my last few days, at work. They've got me closing, the rest of the week. Most of my coworkers have been congratulating me, on "escaping". Even one of the assistant managers is envious. I don't know how long she'll last - she's NICE. A couple of weeks ago, she had to take two days off. Her son broke his arm and had to have surgery. The manager acted like she did this on purpose, to inconvenience HIM.

Yesterday morning, I had an intersting sight, in my backyard. There was a hawk, perched on my fence, for quite a while. I'm not sure what kind but, it was definitely a hawk. Usually, my yard is full of pigeons and doves. Yesterday - not a one in sight. When I lived in a rural area, hawks, buzzards and the occasional eagle were common. This is the first hawk that I've ever seen, in the city. I hope he stays around - I hate pigeons!

Happy Hump Day!
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The whole world must be cold and grey today. We did get some snow last night, the first of the season. Unfortunately it wasn't even enough to cover the ground. And it stayed right at the freezing mark all night, so the snow melted on the cars and then froze. So I had to scrape a sheet of ice off my car this morning. I like snow, hate ice. At least we generally don't get that horrible freezing drizzle/rain like I saw going to school in Nebraska. That was awful.

Not much going on with me. Work is dead. I'm hoping for a busy day on the site today to keep me occupied.
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I love dull days at work, and these are not them! (That's why I made myself "invisible" - I just open a TCS window and pop over here when I can).

Cindy - that's so cool! I was a voracious bird-watcher for a couple of years there - when I lived in New York City, no less! Because Central Park is the only plot of grass and trees for quite a ways, it was GREAT during migrations.

There was a pair of nesting hawks there. They were Red-tailed hawks. You can easily tell them - they're big, dark top, light streaked underneath, and a dark orange/brown "red" tail. They made their nest (it was HUGE) right in front of Mary Tyler Moore's apartment/condo - which was right next to Woody Allen's building. It was right at the time of the Suni scandal, so I think half the hawk watchers were there "Woody" watching (he had a huge outdoor balcony on the top of the building).

Apparently red-tailed hawks do well in cities, so long as the pigeons aren't poisoned (they eat the pigeons).

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...and Sabra, what a sweetheart you are for caring for those poor birds!

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Sabra - that is fantastic that the 3 of you take such good care of the ducks!

Someone help me - I have an addiction to the Insaniquarium game on www.popcap.com - I can't stop playing and now my eyes hurt because i'm not blinking!
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It sounds like the sun has decided to have a few days off. We've had rain, hail, wind, coldness all day.

Katl8e - how wonderful to see a hawk in your garden - and the extra benefit of it scaring the "rats with wings" (pigeons) away.

Sabra - big brownie points for feeding all the ducks and geese.

I've had a strange few days. I'm currently temping at the local University, and moved departments yesterday - I've gone up in the world and am working with the "vice-chancellor" (the big boss). My agency have placed me there as a "secretary/administrator", but I am definately NOT a secretary (can't type, can't do shorthand, can't use an audio-typing machine etc etc), so I'm a little out of my depth. I know it will get better as I get to grip with all the new stuff I have to learn, but just hate being the new girl and feeling like an idiot.

Hope everyone else is having a good day - and that the sun is out somewhere.
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Thanks you guys. I just got back a little while ago from feeding them. There are these two white geese that have recently been dumped; you can tell because they are extremely tame. Well they were trying to get to my hands for the food (I throw the food so it scatters). I would toss some to the ground at my feet and I guess they would finish that because then they would start pecking on my shoes lol! The other geese (4 excluding the 2 white ones) aren't quite as pushy lol!

Flimflam, you will do great with the job. I think we're all like that when it comes to new jobs. When I started where I work I was responsible for the telephone system programming -gulp- I felt like it took me forever to get the hang of it.
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Goodness me, I forgot to say some of the stuff I wanted to. I'm such a blonde today!

Sabra, that's great that you guys are feeding the ducks. I think everyone thinks "someone else must be doing it" or "they'll take care of themselves" with animals, whether feral cats or ducks. They just don't realize that very few species can adapt to the urban world we've created by ruining all of their natural habitat. It's always good to hear when people do take care of these animals on their own.

Laurie, I'm so glad to hear that Munchkin is growing. I've been thinking about her lately. I was wondering, I know you guys work in an office building in New York, do you think you could ask around there about finding a good home for her before winter really sets in?

Cindy, that's so cool about the hawk. And if they eat pidgeons, even better. We had pidgeons at our last apartments, and I hated those things. All they do is poop! When the apartment above ours was vacant for about 4-5 months, the pidgeons moved in. Our whole balcony was covered in pidgeon poo. It was so bad we couldn't even take the kitties outside with us for fear of them licking or eating something and getting some horrible disease.
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One other benefit was that the woodpecker disappeared. That stupid bird pecks on metal coolers as well as houses. One day, last week, there were THREE of those "jackhammers" in our yard.
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There's a family that would like two kittens, but they're not going to have the time and patience to deal with the fears of six month old ferals. One daughter is a very mature six, but one is a very grabby three. If that other family we KNOW is around here somewhere ever turns up, we'll "nab" two of those kittens for them. But I'd be scared that the ferals would be so scared, and this family would expect them to be friendly right away. ...and if they ran away, this family lives in the city...

...we already asked around the office, and customers, and employers, and people we meet in the elevator, and .... !!!
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What a day! I hardly had a minute to myself. Now....I finally do and, it's 11:15pm. Geesh! Bedtime.

I know I probably won't cover everything here but: Sabra, my hat goes off to you. We definately need more people like you around. It's the little things/gestures like what you are doing that means so much to so many. Keep up the good work.

Laurie, hope things turn out for the kittties. It would be great if they ended up living a happy life with people who love them. And glad to hear you are better.

Flimflam, I am sure you will do well. As long as people feel you want to work and that you are interested in learning, then that in itself is worth just as much as someone with 20 years experience. The key word: dedication.

Cindy, I hear you. I absolutely hate pigeons! We used to put up bird feeder every winter but come to find out one of our neighbors feeds and raises pigeons in his barn. Anyways, we are surrounded by them and they are just greedy, messy little buggers who have no regard to other bird species. It really put a downer on things for me. I used to love watching my bird feeders and guessing what all the different birds were that would pop in for a visit. Hey...perhaps you could send your friend down this way after?

Just spent close to 4 hours working on my Avon orders. It's close to the holidays and it's the busiest time for me.

Have a great evening all.

P.S. Had another follow-up appointmant with my doctor. I still have to remain on the puffer at least for another 2 weeks. There is a slight improvement with my oxygen level but not enough yet.

Okay....it's dodo time. Nighty-night.
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