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update picz *hello*

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omg i havent been on here in sooo long ive been rather busy with loadz of school stuff and horse stuff. anyway thought id come and update you on the mongrel cats in my family haha:

cookie: 7yo female domestic short haired shes stroppy and we think she may have arthritis/back pain so is going to the vet soon. heres a piccy.

oscar: my 4yo black and white umm accidental breed hehe bless him :p hes very cute and acts more like a dog, and he can talk he tells me about "wabbits".
oscar doing what he does best

oscar after stuffing turkey on xmas day

and tiger: the one that was only a teeny likkle kitten when i was on here previously shes now one and a half bless her and shes still kitten sized. we think shes calico but not shure so if you know if she is/isnt then please say id be interested to know. shes so cuddly but very nasty when she wants to be.
tiger as a teeny baby at only a few months old.

and her on xmas day 2006 still a tiny cat
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AWWWWW!!!! Your kitties are soooo adorable!!!!
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omg theyre so cute!! I love the one of Oscar with his head in the bowl haha
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hehe thanx hes having a snooze next to me now lol. its too cold and windy for him today.
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I am so glad to see that I am not the only one. I just finished my lunch and left the plates on the table. Just like Oscar, Persi jumped up onto the kitchen table and finished everything off. DW and I just do not care. We figure his mouth is at least as clean as ours and besides, the dishes will be washed later. Actually, this is a very good deal because the plates and bowls are licked clean before they go into the dishwasher.
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Awwww, they are soooo adorable ..all of them
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Welcome back! Your fur babies are adorable!

Hiya babies

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Your kitties are beautiful
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They are all just beautiful! I just love fuzzy kitties
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