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Does anyone have felon cats who steal??

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Princess is a felon.She has been steling sice kittenhood and I dont know what to do.First of all she steals those little keys you get for your suitcase,so everytime we are away we cannot lock the bag.
2weeks ago,she stole my partners house keys!So we only had one set.We saw her running off with them in her mouth.She has since bought them back.But she is now taking lipsticks,underwear,socks and hiding them.At first we thought it was because she was pregnant and making a (expensive)nest but now we know she is living on the wrong side of the law!Help!!

By the way she has had baby kittens last sunday 4.She is talking them in trill languae which is adorable to hear.The kittens are amazingly advanced.Im not kidding.As you all know they sleep and feed,but today one in its blind state was attempting to lick its little paw.
Anyway i will try to post some photos of mum and kids.
Now we will get ready for st pats day...
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I'm sorry I'm laughing - but it just sounds so cute. I can imagine it's a pain in the butt at times though.

Our kitties never stole anything - but they think the book cases steal all their toys! We constantly have to fish them out from under there.

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Harley steals my razors from the bathroom almost daily! So I finally got a shower hanger that holds the shampoo/soap/razors that hangs from the showerhead!
If there are sitting on the edge of the tub, he will take them out and bring it to me in the living room, or just leave it laying out!

He'll also steal lighters, bottle caps, keys and hair ties!
We've learned to hide everything!
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I don't have time to list everything that Radar has stolen but the stranger item he has taken include my socks, broccoli, chilli's, tiny ceramic vegetables (a favourite)post-it notes and pens
Keep meaning to do a sweep under the settee to find other things

Glad to hear your kittens are doing well
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One of the resident cats at work who is 11 months old is a clepto... he took a bag of "Meowi Zowi" Cat nip from my bag the other day... not to mention he opens bags of euk display cat food and dog food and eats it and then goes for the treats... he has been known to steal tuppawares and sandwiches and run them down the hall way and try to eat them... his name is Frodo... hahahahaha!!!
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Bucky loves to take knick knacks off of the bookshelf in my kitchen. Her favorites things are the parts of the miniture copper tea set I brought home from the persian gulf. Once she gets something she bats it around on the floor until it is hidden.
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AmyRose stashes office supplies - various shaped clips; pens;
Andy sneaks off with hair pretties;
the funniest is my dad's cat, Zelda - she sneaks into my daughter's room and steals the best toys that belong Christy, my daughter's calico!!
BTW, I can scarcely wait to see kitten pics!! Do you get to keep them??
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My Rb kitty loved to steal, stuff. ear rings, and stuff that was wrapped in rubber bands.
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China is the resident hair scrunchie thief. Any hair scrunchie I leave around she runs off with it. Jake and Worm are pen/pencil theives and our brat Raskel likes to steal toys. Be them human or feline or dog.
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So you see.we have a community of bad a....!Here.Yes I have seenher run round the house with those cat pouches devouring the food.I tell her"yr stealing your own food",she does not seem to care.

When the kittens were born(under bed)we had a look round.I found a mag,underwear,and all sorts of things that(I blamed my partner for throwing away)Trouble makers.Plus toilet rolls.If someone sees this they will think we dont feed her.
I have a special hair brush as I have long hair.well,it dissapeared,only to find it in her "room"sick.not long before the authorities are called upon her and I will have to put up bail money...
"The cat father"
"ehh tigger,you are family,I make you what you are today,you do what I say you go long way.And now we eat pasta together"

I heared them have the above conversation the other night.I am worried!!
Perhaps I should record and send to the FBI

No kidding ,she comes home,I smell garlic on her breath.U tell me whats going on...
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Trout steals hair bands and my lip balm every stinkin day
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Gracie likes to steal hair bands, socks and underwear. Occassionally also t-shirts and sweaters.

Sometimes, she buried them in her litter box She must be 8-Bit's girlfriend!
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yes well what if it was an engagement ring and you had to find from the litter tray.I tell you they do this on purpose to distract from the bigger things.such as, in the future taking over the world.I am loads of canned food and mineral the way princess(tho her planet prob know her as someth more formal as captain AC of the 3rd regiment)she is obsessed with mineral water and will grab my bottle knock it over and drink despite fresh water in bowl.There is more going on than we know...
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I had some nandos chicken one day for lunch.having not eaten i couldnt wait for this bad for you treat.kitten is eyeing up the bag,The phone rings and naturally i am absorbed i conversaition and so start pacing out of the room.%mins later.The chicken,my chicken,has been dragged under the bed for dissection,Goodbye lunch...Not fair.AS i write kitten has stolen more chicken.By the way,neighbours are complaining of missing eggs...I wonder
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Little Miss steals jewelry (and hides it) and pens.

This morning, I discovered an asparagus thief! I left a bunch of asparagus in a glass of water on the kitchen counter; later, I noticed that the tips were chewed off the stalks--and that one (or more...) of the cats had pulled a tablecloth off the table; when I went to pick it up, I found 2 chewed stalks of asparagus rolled up in it!

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at all the kitty kleptos! How adorable.
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Maggie is my thief. She has a definite love for anything gold. She loves to steal my gold earrings, and once took my gold bangle bracelet. Thank goodness I know where she stashes things. She likes to tuck her treasures between the sofa cusions. That's the first place I look when I'm missing an earring. I've always found them there....along with her stash of milk jug rings and make-up brushes.

Pookie & the girls
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She sounds just like my dog! This dog will take anything and everything. She prefers socks and underwear and kleenex.

Socks, she destroys them immediatly when she gets her teeth on them, by ripping a hole in the seam at the toe part of the sock. I guess she figures by ruining the sock we'll just let her have it, but no, we take it away from her.

But the cats are not a problem with stealing. But they are keen at pulling things like floss and toilet paper rolls out of the bathroom garbage. Stringy floss, lots of fun
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if want but trying not to get attached as had planned this spring on getting a snow bengal kitten.however my friend named one that i particularly like.This is not helping.
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All my cats take off with my scrunchs and slippers.
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salem steals straws he will literially take them right out of your drink and merlin will steal all rolled up socks
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Yes...Monkey will steal the stuff animals that we have in the nursery!

She really loves a little monkey beanie most know that it's a monkey like her
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