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pictures - I hope

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I am trying (again!) to attached photos. So, hopefully, this is Nik!
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He looks brown in the first picture (romantic lamp lighting!) In this one he has a coke bottle lid in his mouth - they're his favourite toy, he'll play fetch with them for ages.
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and, as he spends much of his time - asleep!
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You have a bottle-capper too! How long does he play fetch? Till your arm falls off? Cute kitty!
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when my arms fall off, he takes the cap to my husband and keeps going!

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Aww he is sooo cute!! that pic with the bottle cap is adorable!! my kitties seem to prefer the little rings that come off milk lids etc...
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What a cutie!!!!!!!
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I have to agree with everyone else, he's very cute!!! He looks like a nice kitty to cuddle with too!!!
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Hi manomi and a huge welcome..............I hope you will love this site as much as we all do, I am in Australia too, we have to band together mate, it's dangerous in here, some of them don't even know what Vegemite is and they all like Steve Irwin (YIKES.

WHERE did you get your Russian Blue????????????? I am picking mine up from the airport on Friday night at 9pm. I am sooooooooooooo excited as everyone here will tell you.

Glad you are onboard mate!
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I forgot to say he is absolutly beautiful *sigh* so cuddlesome and yum!
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He is gorgeous! Bundy - stop coveting everyone else's Russian Blue!
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I can't wait till Bundylee gets her own Russian......then the rest of ours will finally be safe!

Manomi, he is a darling! Actually, I have to thank you. I read your post last week about the coke bottle caps and decided to give it a try with Nakita. She absolutely loves them! I love it when she carries the cap around in her mouth, too cute.

Unfortunately, she won't play fetch with me. She plays by herself and hides the coke cap under the blanket.

Love him every minute because they grow up too fast. Nakita is just over 4 months and she growing by the second!
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Yeah Yeah alright......... thanks for that Ady and Kass. LOL. I am still te cyber Aunty though so I still can covet! You just wait till mine gets here!!! you won't here the end of it! and did you steel that digital camera yet Kass?
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Awwwwww he's gorgeous!

Orion likes caps too...though he mainly keeps pinching the cap off Lee's ventolin
You should try the squeaky mouse toys that you can buy from supermarkets...he loves them

Yay Bundylee...not much longer now at all...woohoooo
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Hello stranger!!! Did you enjoy the cat show??? have you entered Orion in the next one??? will catch up on email tomorrow! 2 more sleeps yeah!!!!!!!!!
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G'dayyy maaaaaaate
Yep we did enjoy the cat show. Thanks for letting us know about it.
We'd like to enter Orion next time...just have to sort out some issues with him being registered in WA, the shows and club being in Canberra, and us living in
Wow you must be soooooooo excited!!! I remember that I sure was!!!
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things seem to work out for the best. I'll be able to borrow a better digital (4 megapixels) next week. So no more "blurry" unidentifiable shots!

So, you should still get a stream of pics every so often. What I have to do is set up my own webpage where I can stream video. You should hear Nakita...she has this little baby meow that will make you melt.


The best part of Nakita is her little nose. It feels like suede and everytime I rub it she starts to fall asleep. Too cute.

Ok, enough about the furchild....

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Nik is such a little doll! I love it when they carry their toys in their little mouths. Too cute. We are being overrun by Aussies and Russian Blues! That's Ok, though. We love you guys, and the Russians are so beautiful.

(Trent carries his sparkly balls around, and Ophelia like silk rose buds. Unfortunately, I can never get a pic of them doing it! )
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Oh, this cat seems like a real character and a beauty at that!
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Ahh....... beautiful kitten!!!

My Cooper like to play with the ring (connected to the bottle cap)

silly kitty!
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Wow, cute kitty

I love the one of him with the coke bottle in his mouth.

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Nik is just adorable! Thanks for sharing those with us! I like the coke bottle lid one too!
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Welcome Manomi! Nik is absolutely adorable! I LOVE the picture with the Coke bottle cap! Too cute!!!!
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