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i'm new too!

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hello everyone! my name is amber. I'm a California girl. although i'm not really tan.
i have 5 outdoor cats. two are pregnant the other girl was pregnant but she had a miscarriage. she is so depressed. but shes getting better her litter mate brother is always by her side taking care of her.
i'm moving in september i have to give up two of the girls and one boy. and ofcorse the kittens as soon as there healthy enough and stuff. so if you live in california. around the inland empire email me and maybe we can talk about you adopting one... or 5 or w.e. lol

oh and ummm 'bout me. uhhhhh. not much to say. i love my cats.
-my hour is up and the library-
i'm happy i found this site. its cool. mwahaha
oh and i'm 19... although i may not seem like it at times.

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Welcome Amber. Hope you learn lots here at TCS.
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Thought about fixing your kitties?
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Welcome to the site!

I hope that you are able to find good homes for your kitties. It would be great if you could one or all of them fixed .
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Hello and a warm welcome to you and all those kitties wow - hopefully you can get the kittens good homes - have you got anyone else that helps with the kits ?

Well keep us posted on the progress and glad you dropped in to join us
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Hi & welcome to TCS! We're glad you joined!

You'll find here that the prevailing preference is for spaying and neutering. It's better for their health and well-being. Hopefully as you spend more time around here, we can change your mind.
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Hello and welcome TCS. I hope you will enjoy your stay and that you may learn lots here.
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Welcome Amber and furfamily

and sure do hope you get your cats all spayed and neutered, and find loving, forever, responsible homes for all your cats and kittens. With millions losing their lives annually just in shelters because not enough good homes are available, every unneutered cat contributes to the tragedy and it doesn't have to happen -- it's up to all of us who say we love cats to put our actions where our mouth is and do the right thing. SPAY & NEUTER!
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