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My New Babies!!

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Okay so I got my new babies today. I had planned on getting one but when I got out there they had two left. The twins. No one had wanted to take two so they were the last of the litter. I couldn't help myself and didn't want to seperate them. We just got home, had a little bite to eat, they just got a bath and are settling down for naptime......

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OH MY, they are precious, how nice that you took them together Awwww
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AWWWWWWW!! Those 2 are absolutely purrrrfect!!! How sweet.
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They are totally adorable!
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I see why you didn't want to break up the set. They are adorable!
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o my they are just TOO CUTE, see u can never go to get one and come back with just ONE and well this is one reason why and well i cant blame u i would of took both too, they are just tooo cute do u have names for them yet?
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They will have so much fun together. I'm so happy you got two and they will bring you hours of entertainment.
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Once again, I'm so jealous!!!! What cutie pies.
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What a lovely little pair of freshly-bathed babykins!!!

What cute little the kitten with the brown markings on his/her nose. Watch out...they'll be terror on 8 legs in a couple of weeks!
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Oh, so precious! I'm so glad you took both. They are, too!
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awww what a couple of cuties how wonderful that you took the twins, they are gonna be so happy & loved to itsey pieces
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What adorable babies!! I am also excited to hear their names and see more pics of them settling in.
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they are precious!!! we need names you should start a help me name the twins thread!
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Congratulations on getting the pair of them. I think it's wonderful to get two from the same litter. I did it myself a few months back, and my boys are just the best of friends. They're inseperable.

And your little ones are too sweet. They have the cutest little faces.
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