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desperate catwife

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Hi guys I have a question about a friends sisters cat.
The cat has had 2 accidental pregnancies and got pregnant again before the spay appointment, and will be spayed after this litter.
The first two litters were premature by two weeks and all have died. We are afraid this litter wont go full term, does any one know of any tricks to get her through the next two weeks, she is due in about two weeks but acts like she is ready to deliver now. Any way of keeping her stress down so she can carry full term? The past litters were too soon and mom didn't produce milk and doesn't have any as of yet.
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This is only what I would do if she were my cat. I would spay her now before she delivers. The fact that she has already had two bad experiences of losing all her kittens (this is so stressful for all of them) including the humans in the equation. This would be my deciding factor.
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She is too far along now and vets won't do it after I think 4 weeks. Her sister wouldn't "kill" the kittens any way so what I am asking for is suggestions for her to carry full term. She won't be spayed now and we need advise for carring full term, not aborting the kittens so if any one has any other suggestions that would be great.
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I agree with hissy, it's jusy my opinion of course, but you might want to think of having her spayed now, if it's not too late and a vet will agree to do it. The fact that she hasn't been able to carry her litters to term in the past means a lot, she may not be made out to have babies, u know? it happens. you would be putting her and the babies in a lot of risk and stress. i know it's a hard thing, my cat misty just gave birth yesterday, and the week leading up to her labor i was going nuts! I just wanted her to be ok, i didn't want to lose her, u know? if that cat hasn't been able to have a full term, healthy litter i would definately think of getting her spayed now before she goes into labor. it may be the safest way to go. I wish ya'll the best.

sorry i guess i was posting this as u were posting ur reply.......if i had any other advice i would tell you, have u asked the vet for any advice? All i can say is make sure they keep a good eye on her, and call or take her to the vet if anything seems wrong at all. she's inside right? sorry i can't be of anymore help...maybe someone more expererienced will come along with more helpful advice.
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I will stress this, it is not my cat, her owner will not willingly abort the kittens she is too far now any ways. I am not asking for advise on spaying her, we all know it may be best but it isn't going to happen.
If you have any advise on the question I asked, other then spaying her and aborting the kittens I would appreciate it if spaying is the only advise thanx any way it has been suggested and not possible. She won't do it.
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Are there any of the Bachs or other flower things that would help? I have only used Rescue Remedy and think it is great. It could be worth looking at.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Are there any of the Bachs or other flower things that would help? I have only used Rescue Remedy and think it is great. It could be worth looking at.

I am not sure what you are saying, I haven't heard of rescue remedy what is it for? What flower things do you mean?
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honestly I dount there is a way to make sure she goes full term like we do. Sorry am not much help.
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Originally Posted by celestialrags View Post
I am not sure what you are saying, I haven't heard of rescue remedy what is it for? What flower things do you mean?
There are these and there are some different ones, I think gingersmom got some from her vet. You could PM her and ask.
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the only thing i can suggest is keeping her on a good quilty kitten food as im sure you have already told her , keeping her as stress free as possible , i wouldnt put her in a room of her own though as this may stress her out even more , just make sure there isnt really anywhere dangrous she can have the babys. has she asked a vet for advise? that might be a good idea aswell , they may have other suggestions to try and help , maybe get a feilaway spray or plug in just to calm her even more. sorry if you have done all this and suggested all this , i will pray that everything goes ok and that there isnt any other complactions. please can you keep us updated on the situation ?
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
There are these and there are some different ones, I think gingersmom got some from her vet. You could PM her and ask.
Thanx! We will look more into that.
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I have some info on what Anakat advised i am also looking up Lobelia root to see if Pregnant cats are aloud to have this herb. before air flights Lobelia has been givin to my animals for stress releif..

Non-Prescriptive Aids
If you are fortunate to have a local homeopathic practitioner, he or she can formulate a homeopathic remedy for either the aggressor or the victim cat. Two other readily available "OTC" aids are:
Feliway Plug-In
Although not actively marketed for this purpose, this pheremone-based product has been cited anecdotally as helping calm the atmosphere between aggressive feline housemate. Feliway was formulated to closely approximate the "friendly" facial pheremones cats use to mark their territory. The Feliway Plug-In plugs into an electrical socket and diffuses the pheremone throughout a room. It is available online, and in most pet supply stores.
Bach's Flower Essences, particularly Rescue Remedy are widely used for stressful situations. A drop or two in the cats' water dish each day may have a calming effect on your combatants. Flower essences are available in some pet supply stores and in many health food stores.
1) Bach Flower Rescue Remedy
Bach Flower Essences are made with a 3-step process, and the resultant essences are usually mixed with water (4-5 drops in a pet's water bowl), although they can be applied directly to the skin. Rescue Remedy contains Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, and Rock Rose, and the combination is useful for stressful situations.

2) Anxiety/Fear Flower Essences
Prepared by Pet Essences, Anxiety/Fear Flower Essences are designed to help with nervousness and anxiety caused by sudden environmental changes, such as thunderstorms, noisy holidays, new people or pets in the household, or trips to the veterinarian. Contains Aspen, Impatiens, Red Chestnut, Mimulus, and other natural flowers, and may be administered by adding to drinking water, or gently rubbed into the skin of the ears, lips, or paws.
Buy Direct
3) Vetri-Science Composure Liquid
Composure Liquid may help with urine marking, compulsive grooming, hyperactivity, or quivering and trembling; all possibly symptoms of stress and anxiety. Active ingredients are L-Theanine, Thiamin, Lecithin, and Decapepetide. As with all medications, discontinue immediately if your cat's symptoms worsen, and contact your veterinarian.
Buy Direct
4) Calming Solution Flower Essences
This Pet Essences product can be used for cats who have difficulty calming down, who are high strung, or overly possessive. The manufacturer recommends giving several times a day for a cat that is particularly upset. Ingredients: Cherry Plum, Chamomile, Quaking Grass, Vervain, and other natural flowers.
Buy Direct
5) LoveMyPet Stress Relief
An herbal formula used for calming pets in noisy or unfamiliar situations (think fireworks, thunder, and travel). This holistic remedy contains organic herbs, including organic skullcap, passion flower, oatstraw, schizandra and homeopathic ingredients.
The formulator is Martha Benedict, who was trained in China and has been creating herbal mixtures for pets for over 25 years. Like flower essences, LoveMyPet Stress Relief is usually given mixed with water.

Buy Direct
6) HomeoPet Anxiety
Homeopathic remedy for calming noise and change-based anxiety. Ingredients: Chamomilla, Valeriana, Borax, Cypripedium Pubescens, Ignatia Amara, Colochicum Autumnale, Veratrum Album; in purified water.
Buy Direct
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I just checked do NOT give Lobelia to a pregnant cat. It is only ok if they are not pregnant...
I hope i have helped alittle
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I had some feliway and gave it to them and told her to leave her in a bathroom or some thing and to make sure any un nuetered males can't get near her untill she can be spayed. She doesn't want any more to die so she is going to try to make sure she is spayed this time.
I haven't heard from her sister so I don't know any thing about how it is going but will post as soon as I know.
I am a registered breeder and have a litter due any day (she is 63 days today) I have even offered to take the kittens if they live to put with my mom and let them nurse, if my queen doesn't have too many to take on a couple more, so we will see.
She also has the link that anakat gave her so hopefully she checks it out. Thanks for the advise!
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I would confine her to one room! Away from any doors to the outside. If she's had problems with the first 2 litters, there's a good chance the same thing will happen again. Might be a blessing in disguise !
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How is she doing is there and update.
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I was wondering how the momma cat is doing? Do the vets have any answers as to why she can't carry to term? I hope she is fine.
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Wouldn't a veterinarian have a way to prolong time to labor? There are several ways to do with it humans, and the physiology of cats is similar enough to humans that it seems there might be a medical way to do this. But I don't know enough about cat physiology to say for sure... any experts or vets on here? What about something like a magnesium drip? Would they have a way to safely sedate a cat for a few days at a time? I doubt it, I guess... I just answered my own question.
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My friends sister (she is NOT my friend) cat had kittens about a week ago, about a week too soon (they lied, it was accually the fourth litter where she has lost every kitten) 2 were born dead and the 3rd died soon after, the two that were doing ok slowly died shortly after. I tried to get them to bring the last two over so my mom cat could feed the poor babies, but I guess she rather they died then let me help them. Just as well, it would have been two more kittens to populate her already too small over crowded apartment.
Thanks everyone for the info and advise, I hope she atleast gets this cat spayed, she has had 4 litters and can't produce milk, so they all die because they were born too soon, or starve to death. She did try to bottle feed, but it wasn't enough.
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thank you for the update , so sad to hear that none of them survied, i do hope she gets her spayed asap.
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